August 30th 2014

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BOOK REVIEW Christianity the crucible of freedom

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News Weekly, August 30, 2014

Victoria’s desalination plant


NCC president Peter Westmore was far too generous to the previous Victorian Labor government in his costing of the Wonthaggi desalination plant at $4 billion dollars (“Labor leader in hot water over ‘dirty’ campaign”, News Weekly, August 16, 2014).

The original capital cost was estimated at $2.9 billion, which quickly blew out to $3.5 billion and finished at over $5 billion. Even the Melbourne Age newspaper predicts that it will cost Victorians $24 billion over 20 years, regardless of whether any water is used.

Trial pumping of desalinated water into the system at Cardinia reservoir in 2012 was billed to taxpayers at $200 million. Contracts signed by the Brumby government with Aquasure — a consortium of Degremont, Thiess Construction and Macquarie Bank — were water-tight and binding on the incoming Coalition government. Degremont, an arm of French giant, Suez Environment, manages water distribution across the globe, and has often been in “hot water” for its business practices.

In the coming state election, the financial burden from this white elephant should be in the minds of all Victorians.

John Morrissey,
Hawthorn, Vic.


The AMA and women’s health


When Senator Eric Abetz spoke recently, linking abortion to breast cancer, there were inevitable screams of protest.

That the president of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) should join the protesters seems surprising, but Associate Professor Brian Owler, in a doorstep interview on August 8, stated, “There is no link between abortion and breast cancer.”

He spoke of “pushing discredited theories about linking abortion with breast cancer” and declared that those who do so are “irresponsible”.

The AMA, in response to being queried, stated that “the AMA per se has no position on the issue”. The president’s comments were “simply an expression of his personal view”.

Breast cancer has become a major scourge of Western women. Historically, it has never been a problem in China, India and other eastern and African countries.

Recent published reviews from India and Sri Lanka are disquieting. The very recently published “Systematic review and meta-analysis of abortion and breast cancer (ABC link)”, by Dr Yubei Huang et alia, in the international medical journal, Cancer Causes and Control, shows the risk for Chinese women with at least one induced abortion was significantly increased by 44 per cent.

The AMA, as I recall, was very supportive in the long campaign to show the link between smoking and lung cancer. This is Australia’s most prestigious medical organisation! Why does it have “no position on the issue” when it comes to the spreading scourge of breast cancer?

Mrs Rowan Shann,
Warwick, Qld


The media and women’s health


Australia’s national media are in top form with their denials about problems associated with abortion.

They castigated Revd Fred Nile MP for disclosing the reason behind the suicide of a very well-known and loved woman. Charlotte Dawson openly talked in her diary about her abortion causing her depression. The media do not want to know.

They are blasting Senator Eric Abetz about his comments on the possible link between abortion and breast cancer. There are about 60 supporting studies.

A new study from China seems to show that such a link not only exists but that the risk rises with each abortion a woman has. Researchers found that the incidence of breast cancer increased at an “alarming rate” over the last few decades, corresponding with the rise of the communist China’s one-child policy. Since 1980, 336 million babies have been aborted in China.

There is too much evidence worldwide of a link between abortion and breast cancer for any denials to have any credibility.

Robert Bom,
West Rockhampton, Qld


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