October 26th 2013

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Screaming radicals, feminists attack pro-life marchers

by John Ballantyne

News Weekly, October 26, 2013

Scores of yelling radical activists and feminists descended upon Victoria’s annual pro-life March for the Babies, disrupting the peaceful event and creating traffic chaos in Melbourne’s central business district for an hour on Saturday afternoon, October 12.

Between 80 and 100 pro-abortion activists launched a series of coordinated attacks on 3,000 pro-life marchers as they tried to make their way through the city to the steps of Victoria’s Parliament House on Spring Street.


Pro-abortion activists in

front of Victoria’s Parliament House. 

The annual march commemorates the passage of Victoria’s controversial Abortion Law Reform Act 2008, which is almost unique in the world in legalising abortion in that state up until the point of birth.


During the course of the March for the Babies, radical activists ripped banners and placards from pro-life marchers and pelted them with eggs and balloons filled with water. They pounded loud drums, screamed obscenities through loud-hailers and brandished pro-abortion placards. Some of them wore T-shirts, emblazoned with the words, ““F... Tony Abbott”.

For over an hour the radical counter-demonstrators brought a section of Melbourne to a standstill and turned it into a war zone.

Bryan Kemper, founder and president of the U.S.-based Stand True pro-life outreach group, took part in the march. He told LifeSiteNews.com that pro-abortion agitators threw him to the ground and repeatedly kicked him.

They also knocked down a pro-life Liberal MP, Andrew Elsbury, and dragged him along the ground.

One of his colleagues, and a key organiser of the march, pro-life Liberal MP Bernie Finn, told the AAP: “I was belted in the head [and] I’ve still got the remnants of an egg in my hair.

“What we saw today was literally a public mugging on the streets of Melbourne, and Victoria Police let it happen. We had people being assaulted, being kicked, being stomped on and they sat back and watched.”

An early premonition that this year’s March for the Babies might not go off as peacefully as in previous years came on the eve of the march, when Mr Kemper was delivering a keynote speech at a Youth for Life Dinner. Half a dozen pro-abortion activists, complete with coat-hangers wrapped around their heads, burst into the dining room and started chanting, bawling and waving banners.

Mr Kemper handled the disruption diplomatically. “I stopped the talk and cleared a whole table of people and asked them to sit down, have some food and wine and join us,” he wrote the following morning on the Stand True Facebook page.

“They did. They sat there for about 10 minutes listening before getting restless again and they left without incident. It was obvious they did not expect to be welcomed and loved instead of yelled at. I can’t wait to see them all at the Australian March for Life today and talk to them.”

At the march itself, 80 or so radicals and feminists succeeded in blockading 3,000 pro-life demonstrators, delaying them for more than an hour and holding up traffic.

News Weekly columnist and host of CultureWatch, Bill Muehlenberg, described what happened next. He said: “We were all in this hot sun-baked street for at least an hour with no resolution in sight, so one great pro-life gal from rural Victoria started spending hundreds of dollars buying cases of water to give to the pro-life marchers. I helped her carry these and pass them around.

“I then said, ‘Can I take a case over to the protestors? We can hand them out and tell them Jesus loves them.’ So she kindly gave me a case of 24 bottles. I grabbed a few other guys and said, ‘Come on, let’s bless these guys and tell them God cares for them.’

“I grabbed a pro-life balloon and waded right into the seething, screaming crowd which was blocking our way. At first they were glad to get the water, but as soon as they realised we were from the pro-life side, their faces exploded into a demonic rage and they screamed, ‘We don’t want your f…ing water.’

“They abused us, screamed at us, shoved us, ripped up our signs and popped our balloons, and dumped the water all over us. Well, it was a warm day, so our baptism actually was not too bad. But the fury, hatred and ugliness of these folks was utterly amazing to experience firsthand, at close quarters” (CultureWatch, October 12, 2013).

Victoria’s daily newspapers and commercial television channels 7 and 9, when reporting the angry clashes at the march, wrongly implied that both sides were to blame. It was left to conservative columnist Andrew Bolt, who was present at the march, to provide possibly the only accurate report to appear in the mainstream media.

He wrote: “In this demonstration I saw socialists and feminists betray almost every principle they profess to hold. I saw them treat women with contempt and fellow citizens with force. I saw them deny others their right to free movement and speech. I saw them counter reason with abuse….

“They call themselves progressives. They are instead barbarians, so sure of their goodness they feel licensed to do evil” (Melbourne Herald Sun, October 13).

After the march, the radical activists adjourned to the RMIT University student cafeteria to celebrate their actions of that day.



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