July 20th 2013

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EDITORIAL: Beware the agenda behind the local government referendum

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Garnaut calls for new industries, lower dollar

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Rudd leaps back into limelight and barnstorms country

VICTORIA: Electoral redistribution could favour ALP, Greens

OPINION: Australia's electoral system is 'a scandalous shambles'

SCHOOLS: Can Rudd be trusted again on education?

ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: 'Prophetic' Garnaut warns of belt-tightening to come

MIDDLE EAST: Egyptian army ousts Morsi in show of force

UNITED STATES: US Supreme Court's assault on traditional marriage

UNITED STATES: Obama uses children for homosexual propaganda

SOCIETY: An interview with Allan Carlson

LIFE ISSUES: Two myths about those who defend the unborn

LIFE ISSUES: Are calls for euthanasia just about avoiding pain?


CINEMA: Man of Steel (rated M)

BOOK REVIEW Climate-change fraud exposed

BOOK REVIEW Enchanting time-travel tale for young adults

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News Weekly, July 20, 2013

Suffer the little children...


Visiting Britain, one is assailed by the growing list of little girls sexually assaulted and murdered. An association with watching child pornography is no longer disputed.

The British government is making moves to put pressure on the internet service providers, whose sites transmit this material, to monitor and censor. They reply that they are already doing so, conscientiously.

Clearly, conscience today is not enough. The estimated level of usage of such sites is horrific.

Last night I went to a play in Soho, Address Unknown, based on a banned German script of the 1930s, written to alert the world to the brutality Hitler was generating there.

The story is told by letters between friends and partners in an art dealership in the United States. The Jewish partner has remained there, while his German Gentile business partner has recently returned with his family to Munich in 1932.

In the course of two years, the man in Germany is transformed from an ardent liberal to a supporter of Hitler and his Jewish policies. One is filled with dismay at the fragility of humanity and the ease with which a philosophy dressed up as liberation can evolve into rationalisation for unspeakable brutality.

In the culminating atrocity of the play, the Jewish man’s sister, who lives in Germany, is beaten to death by Nazi enthusiasts; but even this does not foul Hitler’s policies in his friend’s eyes.

As this horror suffused the theatre, it came to me, devastatingly, that this monstrous thing is not in fact safely consigned to the past — a fall that we can, observer-like, moralise over.

The truth is that we are even now living within just such a moral collapse — a spreading, apparently unstoppable, brutality and bestiality directed this time against children, a web of genocide in which child pornography is just one stimulant.

Like the Germans in the 1930s, we are refusing to see the evil for what it is. Why are we pussy-footing around by pursuing largely unreliable accusations of sexual interference that took place in the past (England is awash with it too), when far worse — much of it culturally endorsed — is going on in our midst?

“Sixties liberation”, under which, to quote Dostoyevsky, “everything is permitted”, has seduced our culture. It has indeed borne evil fruit, and until it is disavowed we are helpless.

Dr Lucy Sullivan,
Windsor, NSW


Feminist rhetoric of “choice”


Julia Gillard, having advanced abortion on her election shopping-list before she was deposed as Labor leader by Kevin Rudd, warrants a response.

On ideological grounds, eloquent feminists speak only of reproductive rights, equity and increasing “choice” with the do-it-yourself RU486 drug.

But does not abortion, and especially when undertaken via RU486, epitomise the ultimate in brutality?

The RU486 pill will subject any woman who takes it to a traumatic experience of abortion. After swallowing the poison, she will experience fake labour spasms announcing death rather than life, and will be acutely aware of the delivery of her dead child.

If this is what is meant by “choice”, it is one that could well haunt a woman for the rest of her life.

What impact has a woman’s “right” to abort, be it by poison or surgically, had in Australia?

The number of unborn babies killed in this country is in the vicinity of 90,000 annually. Put into perspective, that is the equivalent of an entire primary school roll-call being killed every day.

To deliberately poison the socially unwanted and most defenceless members of humanity reduces our standing as a people to the depraved depths of Hitler’s Nazis last century.

What sort of politicians do we have in our corridors of power who close their eyes to the dreadful reality of abortion?

Governments and political parties lavish millions of dollars on “educating” Australian voters on the merits of their numerous policies and initiatives. It would be better by far to spend such sums on educating people about the truth of abortion as being the intentional killing, yea murder, of the innocent.

Advances in medical science and ultrasound mean we have no excuse not to perceive the unborn’s unspoken cry, “Please, don’t kill me.”

Peter Young,
Greta, NSW


Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen’s book launch in WA


John Elsegood’s report, “Bid to suppress free speech at WA parliament” (News Weekly, July 6, 2013), of a speech in Western Australia’s parliament by Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen during the launch of his book Politics and Universal Ethics, is very timely.

News Weekly readers may be interested to learn that, in addition to Rabbi Cowen, there were present two other Australian Family Association national patrons — Dr Margaret Court and Rabbi Dr Shalom Coleman.

An interesting feature of the meeting was the address by prominent state Labor frontbencher, Michelle Roberts MLA, who called for a bipartisan approach on some ethical issues.

The Labor opposition leader, Mark McGowan, also introduced himself to Rabbi Cowen.

John R. Barich,
Australian Family Association (WA),
Belmont, WA

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