June 8th 2013

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The traditional family remains the most treasured relationship

by Margaret Court

News Weekly, June 8, 2013

Margaret Court wrote the following letter to The Australian (May 23, 2013) on Kevin Rudd’s recent change of mind on same-sex marriage.

To be swayed by a conversation over coffee and change your mind from what you once believed to be the correct moral and ethical position about marriage — as that covenant between a man and a woman only — to now sanction secular gay marriage unions is almost unbelievable, except that the person swayed is Kevin Rudd.

To be influenced by a member of a Pentecostal church, who would one day like to marry another bloke is an absurd rationale to alter one’s long-held, cherished beliefs.

We have a former gay man in our church who advocates that only a man and a woman should marry. Could he come to coffee with Rudd?

Marriage has not failed in our nation; those involved have failed in its ideals. One-parent families suffer regardless of what Rudd says the figures show. Our school chaplains can verify this.

We need politicians who will not compromise their beliefs for vocal gay groups who would have the general public believe they are being denied rights. They have no right to assume marriage, for by its very definition they cannot fulfil the responsibilities to create the family unit for which marriage was established.

God created marriage to create the building blocks to a happy, healthy society. The gay lobby seems determined to destroy the basic family unit in our nation by wresting marriage away from its protective, exclusive definition. What next?

Every child has a right to have a mum and a dad and to be raised in a loving, caring family unit. If the question is posed to the public, wouldn’t we all say that is the ideal? A traditional family unit is the most desired and treasured relationship for any person.

Revd Dr Margaret Court, AO, MBE, a former world number one tennis player, is senior pastor at the Victory Life Centre, Perth, Western Australia, and a patron of the Australian Family Association.

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