November 24th 2012

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IMMIGRATION: European crisis should open door to new migrants

LIFE ISSUES: Assisted suicide rationalised by misguided motives

EXPORTS: Restarting Australian agriculture: what needs to be done?

PRIMARY INDUSTRY: US grain giant's $2.7 billion bid for Australia's GrainCorp

ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Dow chief's plan for rebuilding Australian manufacturing

POLITICAL IDEAS: Hilaire Belloc's The Servile State: a centenary reflection

QUEENSLAND: Will LNP reverse Labor's council amalgamations?

SCHOOLS: Asia white paper used as pretext to push radical agenda

OPINION: Need for self-control and civility in politics


CINEMA: Violent journey into the heart of darkness

BOOK REVIEW: Marital status the most reliable social indicator

BOOK REVIEW A unique historical record

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News Weekly, November 24, 2012

Neither distributist nor decentralist


I agree with Mr Tim Wallace (Letters, News Weekly, November 10, 2012) that the distributist and decentralist principles of B.A. Santamaria can help solve the twin problems of environmental and social degradation.

However, supporting the “global warming” scare campaign will not lead to Mr Santamaria’s principles being advanced.

For example, half of the money raised by the carbon tax (billions of dollars) is going to be spent on expensive renewable energy and research.

This money will be used to make a small number of promoters, bureaucrats, power companies and researchers very wealthy.

The carbon tax is largely paid by ordinary families, thus robbing the poor to pay the rich — not very distributist.

The carbon tax is also a federal tax, raised and spent by the federal government — not very decentralist.

In addition, as Mr Westmore and a range of scientists have been pointing out for some time, the global warming theory is not supported by the full available scientific data.

Over 31,000 scientists have signed the Oregon Petition, which states “there is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide … is causing or will … cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate”.

Global temperatures have not risen since 1997, according to the UK Met office. If the global warming theory were correct, global temperatures should have risen in recent years as increasing levels of carbon dioxide were emitted.

It is well past time that we rallied behind the NCC’s attempts to show people the truth about global warming and the anti-distributist and centralist policies it spawns.

(Mr) Suryan Chandrasegaran,
Nerrena, Vic.


Rare qualities


I knew very little about Bert Kelly until I read Jeffry Babb’s review of Hal Colebatch’s biography, The Modest Member (News Weekly, November 10, 2012).

My first thought was “Where are the Bert Kellys of today — MPs who are willing to take ‘unfashionable’ positions, as Jeffry Babb describes them — in order to bring about change for the better?”

We need more men and women in our parliaments who possess those essential but rare qualities of courage, courtesy and respect — men and women who know what they believe and are prepared to defend it.

Thank you for the review. I look forward to reading the book.

Dale Ramsey,
Adelaide, SA

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