October 13th 2012

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America's worst ever President?

News Weekly, October 13, 2012

Barack Obama’s War on the Republic

by David Limbaugh

Purchase THE GREAT DESTROYER:  Barack Obama’s War on the Republic

(Washington DC: Regnery)
Hardcover: 400 pages
ISBN: 9781596987777
RRP: AUD$59.85


Reviewed by Dallas Clarnette


Soon America must decide if Barack Obama deserves a second term in the White House.

The choice is not easy. While many detest Obama, few are enthused with Mitt Romney. But lawyer and author David Limbaugh — brother to the better-known radio talk show host and political commentator, Rush Limbaugh — makes a strong case for not giving Obama a second term as President.

It rests upon his thesis that Obama is the great destroyer of America’s greatness. His term invokes thoughts of a bull in a china shop. Limbaugh sees Obama’s style as being erratic and reckless as the proverbial bull. Obama may not say “God d__m America”, as his mentor Jeremiah Wright shouts it from the pulpit, but everything he does has the same result.

Limbaugh supports his thesis that Obama’s agenda has attacked America’s greatness, the economy, the business sector, its national security and its social health. To cap it off, he has demeaned the office of President.

Limbaugh’s readers will decide if he had proven his thesis in this 400-page work with its 1,200-plus footnotes. However, it is hard to escape the force of Limbaugh’s argument that the very man who took an oath to uphold the Constitution actually holds it in contempt.

Obama’s impatience with the Constitution and the Congress is chronicled. Both frustrate him. Writes Limbaugh: “While he (Obama) professes allegiance to our Constitution, our free market economy, our military, and many of our cultural institutions, in office he has demonstrated an unmistakable disdain for all of them.” (p.11).

In a January 2012 interview with 60 Minutes, Obama said, “What I’m not gonna do is wait for Congress.…When Congress refuses to act … then I have an obligation to do what I can without them.” He does this by using executive orders to circumvent both Constitution and Congress. And at times when various courts have ruled against his executive orders, he has defiantly ignored their rulings.

When criticised, Obama reflexively resorts to the blame game. He takes no responsibility for high unemployment, even though he did promise to create 3.5 million jobs by 2010. The fact is US unemployment has exceeded 8 per cent since February 2009, making the last three years the longest stretch of high unemployment since the Great Depression.

Instead, Obama blames business, the oil industry and anybody else, while his anti-business policies have actually caused massive lay-offs of workers.

When work on Gulf of Mexico oil industries was banned after the BP oil spill there in 2010, the Department of Commerce reported that between 8,000 and 12,000 jobs were lost. In September 2010, the Department of the Interior ordered gas and oil companies to permanently plug thousands of Gulf wells. A Louisiana State University researcher estimated that this could cost between $1.4 billion and $3.5 billion.

None of this seems to worry Obama. While unemployed Americans struggle to survive, he displays his hypocrisy, arrogance and extravagance in expensive jaunts.

In October 2010, the Obamas booked 800 luxury hotel rooms and banquet halls in Mumbai for a holiday. His entourage involved 40 aircraft to fly them to India and 45 cars to ferry them around. Thirty-four US naval ships stood alongside Indian ships off the coast near the hotel. The total cost was estimated at $200 million — per day! The National Taxpayers Union said that Obama had set new records for Presidential travel costs.

Probably no one has ever damaged the prestige of the office of President as Obama has done. He has regularly apologised for the United States in front of foreign audiences instead of representing America with dignity and a sense of national pride.

If his aim was to improve America’s image in the eyes of the world, it does not seem to be working. When coalition forces inadvertently burned copies of the Koran — (it seems that they had actually been defaced by prisoners using them to convey messages to each other) — seven days of mayhem followed in which at least 40 people were killed, including two American soldiers.

Obama sent an apology to President Hamid Karzai, but did not object to the killing of US soldiers. When Obama visited Hiroshima in 2009, he went to apologise for America’s atomic bomb in 1945! The Japanese were not impressed. They said this was a “non-starter”.

Pollster Zogby International reports that “President Obama’s favourable ratings across the Arab world are 10 per cent or less.” In fact, polling seems to show that Muslims regard Bush as preferable to Obama.

And when it comes to ethical issues, Obama is, according to the New Hampshire Union Leader (September 2011), “the most pro-abortion President in our country’s history and his allegiance to Planned Parenthood is unwavering”. Planned Parenthood is an “abortion factory that performed in 2009 some 910 abortions a day” (page 112).

Obama’s dedication to the abortion industry was clear when his administration cut $600 million in funding from community health centres (which provide services to the poor, including mammograms and pre- and post-natal care), and supported the killing of unborn Americans.

His promotion of homosexuality, same-sex marriage, birth control and sex-education was so unashamed that New York Archbishop (now Cardinal) Timothy Dolan, president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, issued Obama with a stern warning.

He said that unless Obama ended his administration’s “campaign against DOMA [Defence of Marriage Act], the institution of marriage it protects, and religious freedom”, the President would be responsible for precipitating “a national conflict between church and state of enormous proportions”.

CNN reported that the administration’s only response was to increase its attack on traditional marriage.

Limbaugh shows how this extravagant President loves to criticise George W. Bush’s love of golf, but notes that “Obama played more golf in two years than Bush did in eight”.

In summary, Limbaugh “chronicles the destructive policies and actions of the Obama administration”, especially his war on the US Constitution and on American liberties.

The Revd Dr Dallas Clarnette is a Presbyterian minister, journalist and former college lecturer, who lives in Victoria.

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