April 28th 2012

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War in the classroom

News Weekly, April 28, 2012

A Physician Exposes the Lies of Sex Education and How They Harm Your Child

by Miriam Grossman, MD

Purchase YOU’RE TEACHING MY CHILD WHAT?  A Physician Exposes the Lies of Sex Education and How They Harm Your Child

(Washington DC: Regnery)
Hardcover: 256 pages
ISBN: 9781596985544
RRP: AUD$49.90


Reviewed by Bill Muehlenberg


If you think that contemporary sex education is good for our children, and reduces teen sex and the risk of infection and disease, you had better think again. The sex-ed crowd is not interested in actually helping children, but in pushing radical agendas.

They will not tell our youngsters about abstinence and moral values. Instead, they will push every amoral and immoral agenda item there is, be it cross-dressing, sado-masochism, androgyny or “diversity”. Instead of helping our children, this group of radical social engineers is in fact harming our children.

America’s Miriam Grossman, MD, knows all about this. She has been working with young people for decades in this area, and she has seen firsthand the tremendous damage being done to our young people by the very powerful and very insidious sex-ed lobby.

Says Grossman: “Sex education is not about health — it’s a social movement, a vehicle for changing the world. It happens one child at a time, and it goes on right under your nose.”

One simply has to look at the sex-ed curricula to see the truth of this.

Armed with big bucks and harmful ideologies, the militant sex education industry has been doing inestimable damage to our young people, and is using our schools to push their relativistic, anything-goes ideology. Based on the lies and perverted agendas of sexologists like Alfred Kinsey, the sex-ed lobby is working overtime to indoctrinate our young, break down their moral values, and turn them into hyper-sexualised individuals.

But despite this avalanche of sex education, there has been a huge rise in sexually-transmitted infections (STIs), teen pregnancies, abortions and promiscuity. All that this tsunami of sex ed has done is compound the problems, not reduce them.

In the United States today, a quarter of all adolescent girls have an STI. The sex-ed industry is directly responsible for this pandemic. Says Grossman: “They are dedicated to promoting radical social ideologies, not preventing disease.” Instead of following good science, these educators are following radical and flawed agendas.

The mega-rich groups, such as the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) and Planned Parenthood, simply ignore the data and evidence which highlight gender differences, the case for abstinence, and the dangers of early sexual activity. Instead their message is: the more sex ed the better, and the earlier the better.

As Grossman documents, the priority of these groups is not the health and safety of young people, but complete sexual freedom. They want children to experience sexuality in any and every form, and ignore the values and beliefs of their parents and communities.

Our impressionable and innocent children will learn all about sex play, threesomes, gender-bending, adult products, sado-masochism, and every type of kinky and bizarre sex act. That is what is being pumped into our kids’ hearts and minds.

The mantra of the sex-ed lobby is that sex is always only good, and any and every expression of it should be embraced. Nothing is taboo, and everything goes. The only vices, according to the sex-ed lobby, are the narrow and restrictive values of parents and church groups.

Indeed, the worst thing that can be done is to offer any moral framework for sex. No judgment is allowed. In fact, Planned Parenthood insists that “the most important lesson we can share with our kids is, ‘Being different is normal’.”

There you have it. Is your thing homosexuality, sado-masochism, group sex or incest? No problems! It is all fully normal, and the main thing is to give free rein to all your sexual urges, and make sure no one judges you for your particular tastes.

These groups insist that children are sexual from the womb, and the only real damage to them comes from those who say they should wait, abstain and be monogamous. These are the dangers the sexperts want to keep our kids from. They want to turn our kids into sexual dynamos who will try everything and say no to nothing.

Grossman writes: “The experts do not provide teens with all they need to know to make informed decisions, nor is their information medically accurate. They dismiss fundamentals of child development, and omit critical findings in neurobiology, gynaecology and infectious disease.”

With tonnes of detail and evidence, Grossman backs up these claims, and then some. Indeed, it is the detail that really makes for depressing reading. She mentions one former SIECUS president who is now a church minister. She is so committed to pre-marital sex that she refuses to marry couples who are not already sexually active!

These groups are not so much interested in science or medicine, safety or protection, as they are in pushing their sexual libertarian agendas. And even if they do tell kids the cold, dry facts on STIs, they are not telling them about the emotional consequences, or telling them that these are fully avoidable.

Says Grossman: “For many people, especially teens, the diagnosis is a devastating, life-changing event — the worst thing that’s ever happened to them. To pretend that such an event is unavoidable is nothing short of irresponsible…. The medically accurate message is that all sexually-transmitted infections, and the anguish that accompanies them, are 100 per cent avoidable.”

She continues: “A life free of herpes, warts, chlamydia and others is possible. One simply has to delay sexual behaviour, find someone who also waited, and then be faithful to one another.”

But that, of course, is the last message the sex ed lobby wants to present. That runs counter to their doctrinaire sexual licence philosophy.

Grossman looks at various other agenda items of the sex-ed brigade: the push for androgyny and a genderless society; the push for homosexuality and related alternative lifestyles; the promotion of abortion as the chief solution to the “problem” of pregnancy; and so on.

Every chapter in this well-documented book makes for scary reading. This is nothing less than a war, and it has been declared on our children. Adult social-sexual agendas are trumping the well-being of our children. Indeed, the concern is not for our children at all, but for the promotion of a radical worldview.

It is time to resist all this. Just as we have declared war on smoking and drink-driving, so too we need to declare a war on teen sexual behaviour — all three are equally serious and equally deadly. Above all else, kids need to be taught how to say no to sexual pressure, and learn how to control sexual appetites, rather than inflame them.

The truth is, not all sexualities and sexual activities are equal. Many are downright dangerous, and we have a responsibility to our children to let them know these truths. Lying to them to push a radical agenda helps no one. In fact, it is killing our kids.

Our young people need to be told the truth about sexuality. They are certainly not getting it from the sex-ed crowd.

This book offers a wealth of fact, evidence, truth and sexual sanity. Our kids desperately need this.

Every concerned parent should grab this book, master its contents and spread the word.

Bill Muehlenberg is a commentator on contemporary issues, and lectures on ethics and philosophy. His website CultureWatch is at: www.billmuehlenberg.com. This review was previously published by Endeavour Forum, Inc.

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the wider impact of transgenderism on society.
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