April 28th 2012

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Indispensable role of pro-life NGOs at UN forums

by Babette Francis

News Weekly, April 28, 2012

Endeavour Forum Inc. is the only Australian pro-life organisation which has special consultative status with the United Nations’ Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC), but there are an increasing number of pro-life non-government organisations (NGOs) from other countries which are also monitoring UN debates.

Having consultative status with ECOSOC enables an NGO to have observers at UN meetings, to lobby national delegates and organise NGO “parallel events” in venues near the UN on issues of concern. Endeavour Forum’s US and Canadian representatives have attended UN meetings on population and development (population bad, development used to be good but becoming bad because of environmental impact!) and on human rights issues.

UN meetings on human rights have usually been held in Geneva and have been monitored by our Canadian representative, Mrs Denise Mountenay of Canada Silent No More, who was our guest speaker in Australia in 2008 (See “Post-abortive women: from silence to lawsuits”, News Weekly, June 7, 2008).

Such monitoring is essential to ensure ambiguous language does not get into UN treaties, plans and programs, which can then be used to subvert domestic legislation in democratic countries.

The most dedicated and expert NGO monitors on UN documents are Jeanne Head of International Right to Life, and Peter Smith (a Tasmanian) now representing the UK-based Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child (SPUC). Both Jeanne and Peter spend countless mind-numbing hours at UN meetings, poring over UN draft statements and analysing each sentence to ensure invidious language does not creep in — or march in — as hoped for by the proponents of the culture of death.

Endeavour Forum’s main focus has been on the annual UN session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) held in March in New York. This has been a forum for the United States and the European Union, aided by radical feminist NGOs, to promote “reproductive rights”, i.e., abortion, lesbianism and “transgender” issues.

We hold at least two educational “parallel events” at CSW. This year we were fortunate that one of our events, highlighting the evil of sex-trafficking (see News Weekly, March 31, 2012), was sponsored by the Vatican, which is a member-state of the UN, so the event was held at the UN itself.

Our second event on “Women’s physical and mental health after pregnancy loss” was chaired by Mrs Janice Crouse of Concerned Women for America, and speakers included Canada’s Denise Mountenay and Melody Stefanson, both of whom spoke movingly of the physical trauma and psychological devastation they personally suffered as a result of legalised abortions in Canada.

Presenting the scientific perspective were breast surgeon Dr Angela Lanfranchi and endocrinologist Professor Joel Brind, who spoke on “Abortion and breast cancer: the link that won’t go away”. Professor Brind said there had now been 67 studies on the increased risk of breast cancer caused by induced abortion, and 51 of these had shown a positive statistical correlation. The studies dated back to 1957 (Japan) and came from a wide range of countries. Studies in the last couple of years have been from Turkey, Iran, China, the US and Armenia. The full list of abortion/breast cancer studies can be viewed on the site of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute: www.bcpinstitute.org.

Dr Lanfranchi said that, in 1970, breast cancer occurred in one out of 12 women in the US. In the 1990s, that number increased to one in seven. Breast cancer is the only major cancer that is on the rise. In 1973, abortion was legalised in the US and, since then, invasive breast cancer has increased by 40 per cent, and non-invasive (in situ) breast cancer has increased by 400 per cent.

Dr Lanfranchi described the structure of breast tissue. It contains lobules composed of a milk duct and some ductules (milk glands). There are four types of lobules: Type 1 lobules present at birth, Type 2 lobules which form during puberty when oestrogen lobules rise and breasts develop. Type 3 lobules form after Type 4 lobules stop producing milk.

Before a full-term pregnancy, the breast is composed of 75 per cent Type 1 and 25 per cent Type 2 lobules. Type 1 lobules are where 85 per cent of all breast cancers start as ductal cancers. Type 2 lobules form 10-15 per cent of breast cancer, which are called lobular cancer. Types 3 and 4 lobules are resistant to cancer.

Induced abortion before 32 weeks leaves more breast tissue vulnerable to cancer because the increased exposure to oestrogen causes increased numbers of Types 1 and 2 lobules to form during the first half of pregnancy. These stabilise into Type 4 lobules after 32 weeks of pregnancy.

Our event on health after pregnancy loss attracted a full house with many doctors and health workers from developing countries present. Many asked why they had not been given such information before by Western “aid” agencies which have come to their countries promoting abortion.

Why indeed? The silence from the National Cancer Institute, USA, and the Cancer Council of Australia is deafening.

Babette Francis, B.Sc. (Hons), is national and overseas coordinator of Endeavour Forum Inc. 

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