March 17th 2012

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COVER STORY: Two Melbourne academics want infanticide legalised

QUEENSLAND: Election outcome could derail same-sex marriage push

MEDIA: Journalists scandalised by family lobby's tactics

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Abbott's pre-election commitments come under scrutiny

EDITORIAL: Bob Carr's appointment will destabilise Labor

MEDIA INQUIRY: Finkelstein's Monster: a media horror story

POLITICS: Is GetUp! a democratic organisation?

POLITICS: Daniel Hannan: future prime minister of Britain?

IRAN: Iranian opposition pleas unheeded by Obama

INTERNATIONAL TRADE: The case against floating exchange rates

PARENTING: Caring for terminally-ill unborn babies

SCHOOLS: Gonski report penalises non-government schools

OPINION: Russia and the West reverse roles on Christianity


CINEMA: Marilyn's mystique mesmerises still: My Week with Marilyn (rated M)

BOOK REVIEW From Vinegar Hill to the mountains of Afghanistan

BOOK REVIEW Excommunicable heresies

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From Vinegar Hill to the mountains of Afghanistan

News Weekly, March 17, 2012


by Jonathan King


(Sydney: Allen & Unwin)
Paperback: 444 pages
ISBN: 9781742374574
RRP: $34.95


Reviewed by Michael E. Daniel


Although Australia has existed as a nation for only 11 decades, in that period of time its troops have been involved in two world wars and a number of other conflicts.

Dr Jonathan King, an historian and award-winning author of over 30 historical books, not to mention producer of a number of noted television documentaries, re-tells the story of some of the most famous (and infamous) battles in which Australians were involved since before Federation.

The first two, belonging to the colonial period, were the Battle of Vinegar Hill of 1804 and the Eureka Rebellion of 1854.

The next conflict King examines is the Boer War (1899-1902), which marked a transitional time for the colonies of Australia. When this war commenced, troops were sent by the individual colonies; however, by its conclusion, the Australian Army represented the newly federated Commonwealth of Australia.

A significant proportion of this work is devoted to World War I battles. Many of them, such as the landing at Gallipoli, Lone Pine and Fromelles are familiar to readers. Others, such as the sinking of the German battleship Emden off the Keeling Islands, are less familiar.

World War II battles surveyed include Tobruk, Darwin, El Alamein, the Kokoda Trail and Milne Bay. Strangely, the first battle in which the 2nd Australian Imperial Force (AIF) was engaged, Bardia, Libya, is not examined.

As to be expected, later sections of the book cover the battles that Australian troops fought in the Korean and Vietnam wars, as well as subsequent armed conflicts.

The most recent event chronicled in the book is the military action that took place in Afghanistan in June 2010, during which Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith performed an act of heroism for which he was awarded the Victoria Cross.

Dr King examines not only the factors that caused each battle, but also the subsequent progress, aftermath, effects and significance.

The author situates each battle well in its historical context, while each account essentially stands separate from the others. Hence, at times there is a sense of considerable repetition.

Dr King particularly focuses throughout his work on the Australian recipients of the Victoria Cross. 

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