July 14th 2001

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Books: The China Threat - How the People's Republic Targets America, Bill Gertz

by Dr I.C.F. Spry, QC

News Weekly, July 14, 2001
China syndromes


by Bill Gertz, Regnery Publishing. Available from News Weekly Books for $59.95 plus p & h

Recent statements by Malcolm Fraser and others criticising America's proposed anti-ballistic missile defence shield underline the importance of this book, which discusses the military threats posed by China.

Bill Gertz makes simple points about China that should always be kept in mind. Chinese Communists have, he points out, exceeded Communist Russia in the numbers they have killed. The estimate in 1999 by Jean-Louis Margolin is of between 44.5 million and 72 million lives lost. Moreover the repression continues.

One of the most significant developments during the Cold War was the development of an anti-anti-communist mentality amongst Western liberals.

Gertz notes that this mentality continues to be applied to China, and as he points out "the prevailing political orthodoxy in the Clinton-Gore Administration was a continuation of the 'anti-anti-communism' of the Cold War left that sees McCarthyism, not communism, as the central problem, something that should be discredited, marginalised or dismissed as extremist, part of what Hillary Rodham Clinton announced as 'the vast right-wing conspiracy'."

Gertz considers the pro-China policies of the Clinton-Gore Administration to have been a disaster for America's national security interests.

Election contributions from Chinese sources (which despite outcries have never been properly traced) reflected Chinese gratitude, for the loosening of trade restrictions.

This not only has created a huge US$564 billion trade surplus for China, but has also "vastly improved China's military power with transfers of strategic high technology".

Gertz examines the claim that free trade is undermining communism in China and making China more responsible and democratic.

This claim is frequently made, and is often self-serving. It is used to justify American and Australian businessmen's attempts to profit personally from communist dealings with China.

Gertz comments:

"But the evidence from trade with Beijing over the past two decades shows that China today is less free and more threatening than it was before the United States established formal government-to-government relations in 1979. Free trade has not worked. A prosperous middle class in China is emerging, but there is no sign it will lead the government towards democratic reform."

Gertz sets out at length information on many aspects of Chinese activities. He discusses Chinese spying in the United States to obtain high technology and nuclear information, systematic Chinese attempts to influence the American political process, the nature of Chinese repression such as large-scale concentration camps, Chinese diplomatic threats and manoeuvres to prevent criticism of that repression, the targeting by China of missiles on American cities, Chinese penetration into Third World countries, Chinese plans to take over Taiwan by force, the systematic provision by China of weapons to countries that are hostile to the United States and other military and strategic considerations.

His assessment of the dangers that are presented by China is compelling.

Gertz's analysis supports American proposals to develop an anti-ballistic missile defence system. Chinese missiles directed against the United States will be a serious threat for many years.

There are no indications that Chinese expansionism in Asia will end, and missiles directed against America will be used as a point of pressure in order to intimidate the United States from assisting other countries that may be threatened.

In this context it is important above all to be realistic about China and its ambitions. Chinese propaganda must be disregarded, and also the unfortunate lucubrations of Mr Fraser, in the interests of a precise factual analysis of Chinese intentions and threats.

In this regard The China Threat is a book of immense value, which should be read and thought about by responsible Australians.

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