December 10th 2011

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CINEMA: A ringing affirmation of fatherhood

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BOOK REVIEW Dickens: the early years

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Labor and Greens creating a fatherless society

by special correspondent

News Weekly, December 10, 2011

On the night of Tuesday, November 22, 2011, at 9:53 pm, the Labor/Greens-controlled Senate passed the “Shared Parenting Rollback” Bill 2011 (Family Law Amendment Bill 2011).

Warwick Marsh, head of the Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation, said afterwards that the new measures were “nothing more than radical feminist ideologically-based, anti-family legislation that will ensure the destruction of more families, the suicide of more separated fathers and an increase in the heartbreak of more fatherless children”.

He continued: “Julia Gillard, as the Prime Minister, must take full responsibility for this legislation. Ms Gillard helped write the constitution for Emily’s List and is a founding member. Emily’s list has a radical feminist agenda and is the driving force in the Labor/Greens Government.

“The fact that proper debate has been silenced (guillotined) and this legislation has been passed in the dead of the night, and out of the normal news cycle, shows the trickery of the Labor/Greens coalition.

“Never before in the history of Australia’s parliament have major changes to family law been enacted on any other than bipartisan agreement between the major parties.

“This proposed legislation is opposed by the Opposition, and rightly so, because it removes the very wise parent-friendly provisions, redefines family violence to mean anything anybody wants it to be, and removes any possible penalties for perjury and false accusation in the Family Court.

“The Labor/Greens Government has embarked on an outright war against fatherhood and marriage. Emily’s List will be promoting homosexual marriage at the upcoming Labor national conference in Sydney on December 3, 2011. Unfortunately Emily’s List has many in the Labor Party under its spell.

“Marriage is what it is — the union of a man and a woman. To accept anything less, in law, is to rob children of their biological birthright. This is exactly what the new ‘Shared Parenting Rollback’ Family Law Amendment Bill 2011 will do for many more Australian children.”

A 2009 Galaxy Poll revealed that 86 per cent of Australians, including those in Labor Party heartland, believe that children should be reared by their biological mother and father wherever possible.

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