July 23rd 2011

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EDITORIAL: Carbon tax: putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop

TAXATION: Single-income families the biggest losers

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Greens - bad for Coalition, worse for Labor

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE I: ALP bent on overturning traditional marriage

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE II: New York embraces same-sex marriage

EUTHANASIA: Bob Brown's plan to introduce euthanasia via the ACT


FOREIGN TRADE: Anti-dumping rhetoric no assistance to local industry

FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Thai election result offers hope for the future

ASIA: The Republic of China is reborn on Taiwan

POPULATION POLICY: Moscow summit highlights threat of depopulation

POLITICS: Why conservatives are the new radicals

EDUCATION: Greens terrorising our children

SOCIETY: How cyber-porn breeds cyber-cowards

OPINION: Why don't we speak clearly about Islam?


BOOK REVIEW How our media let us down

BOOK REVIEW Australia's aviation pioneers

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News Weekly, July 23, 2011



The Navy has always had a very high opinion of itself, which few others would consider justified by its record. Australian shipyards have rarely been able to successfully produce any ship more complicated than a corvette, as the Collins submarine project has amply demonstrated.

As for the new 12-submarine project, thinking the local industry can design and build these vessels successfully, an engineering project said to be more complicated than building a rocket to the moon from the ground up, is sheer fantasy.

South Australian politicians seem to regard the submarine project as a sort of Regional Economic Development (RED) scheme for boilermakers and engineers. The so-called “South Australiadefence complex” is based on one project that has proved to be an embarrassment to Australian industry.

If anyone thinks the Navy is going to get everything promised in the White Paper, they have been ingesting substances they shouldn’t have. No Australian government, Labor or Liberal, has ever spent enough on defence — there are no votes in it.

We have almost always sent our troops into battle with equipment that is shoddy, outdated and ineffective, which should be a matter for national shame.

Let’s get our submarines built by someone who knows how to build them. It would save many billions of dollars, and it would be far better and safer for the brave men and women who crew them.

Jeffry Babb,
Essendon, Vic


Two traitors


Elections are about selecting the best candidate to represent you in Parliament and, once elected, the member has a duty to represent the majority of people in his electorate.

We know that the two NSW rural independents, Tony Windsor and Robert Oakeshott, were voted into seats that the thickest of skulls would have known quite obviously represented the Liberal and National Party ideology, as Labor and the Greens only had a small percentage of votes in either of these electorates.

Therefore it was certainly their duty to vote for Tony Abbott, which would have put the Liberal Party in government since the last election.

Windsor and Oakeshott must surely have seen that anything with which Julia Gillard has been involved, turned out to be a fizzer, e.g., pink batts, the school halls, computers in the schools, etc.

We would have been spared the embarrassment of seeing Julia Gillard and “her attachment” representing Australia in Japan and at the royal wedding, not to mention the promises she has broken and the unpopularity she has earned.

Let us not forget the two traitors!

Paul Fitzgerald, AM, KM,
Balwyn, Vic.


Tell ’em they’re dreamin’


One wonders just how effective a carbon tax really is in combating alleged global warming. Volcanoes like the one recently erupting inChilemust be emitting tens of thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. These volcanic eruptions go off with monotonous regularity and most certainly would negate any reduction ofAustralia’s greenhouse gas emissions due to a carbon tax.

If members of the Gillard Government think that the carbon tax proposal is going to somehow magically help the environment, in the words of Michael Caton’s character in The Castle: “Tell ’em they’re dreamin’!”

Alan Barron,
Grovedale, Vic.


Natural disasters and climate change


Dr James McCaughan, honorary senior lecturer in physics at the Universityof Sydney, recently wrote in Quadrant magazine: “The laws of physics deny the possibility of the universe moving itself into existence, quite apart from the repugnant notion that something can be the cause of its own existence.”

He added: “It is obvious that God, in keeping the universe in existence, since it is created from nothing, keeps the laws by which it is governed in existence.” (Quadrant, June 2011).

Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, MD, writes in his book, Let Us Make Man (1987): “In the Biblical account of creation, we find a remarkable passage relating to the creation of man. After all else in the universe has been created, G-d said, ‘Let us make man’ (Genesis 1:26).

“The question is obvious. All other great works of creation were accomplished by G-d alone; why is creation of man different in that G-d seems to be recruiting assistance? Whose participation is being requested, and just whom is G-d addressing when He says, ‘Let us’?. … Metamorphosis is programmed into the animal and proceeds automatically.

“Man is qualitatively different. … Ultimately the person is responsible for his own maturation. The final product, mature man, was the goal of G-d’s creation. But it was G-d’s desire that man achieve this maturation by his own efforts, and that he strive toward perfection by his own means.”

In his book, Living Each Day (1988), Rabbi Twerski writes for Shevuoth II: “The universe has an order. The heavenly bodies do not deviate from their designated orbits. Plants and animals have the order of their lives in their natural growth and instincts. The human being is unique in that he was given free will and the capacity to make moral choices.

“In contrast to everything else in creation, man is free to deviate from the proper order of the universe. When he does so, he is out of place, and when one thing in the universe is out of its place, this brings disorder into the entire universe. When humans transgress the Divine will, they upset the harmony of creation.”

Western (Christian) civilisation developed democratic societies which, at least until the 20th century, were underpinned by what became known as Judaeo-Christian values, standards derived from the Noahide Laws given by G-d to Noah.

Those laws concerned with marriage and sexual standards, in particular, have now been changed or abolished in many Western societies. Thus, as Rabbi Twerski points out, “this brings disorder to the entire universe”.

We need look no further for explanations of increased natural disasters and climate change.

Mark Braham,
Rose Bay, NSW

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