June 25th 2011

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BOOK REVIEW Progressive conservatism


Radical agenda for "transgendering" our children

by Babette Francis

News Weekly, June 25, 2011

In 1977 when I warned, in my minority report for the Victorian Committee on Equal Opportunity in Schools, that the aim of the feminist movement was to engineer a genderless, androgynous society, some politicians thought I was exaggerating.

Well, it is happening — baby Pop in Sweden and baby Storm in Canada are being raised by parents who won’t tell, not even the child itself, what gender it is.

There is a moral difference between parents accepting non-conformist behaviour by a child and parents deliberately imposing non-conformism on an infant.

There are a few rare — and sad — cases of individuals who are born “intersex”. i.e., with XXY or XYY chromosomes and anomalous reproductive systems or androgen insensitivity. “Intersex” is not another gender but a genetic abnormality which needs careful evaluation and treatment by specialists before the individual decides which is the most appropriate gender for him or her to be.

These difficult cases are being used by homosexual and feminist ideologues in attempts to convince us there are not just two genders but a whole spectrum of gender identities (no fewer than 23, according to the Australian Human Rights Commission), all meriting anti-discrimination legislation.

“Intersex” cases should not be confused with “transgenders”, i.e., persons who are genetically and physically normal but wish to cross-dress or have hormone and surgical treatment because they “feel” they belong to the opposite sex.

The non-conformism imposed on the infants Pop and Storm by their parents may be imposed on families whether they like it or not, as is now happening in California. (As California goes, so does the United States, and as the United States goes, so does the rest of the Western world...).

For example, formal transgender lessons are now held in California elementary schools, and two transgender bills (AB433 and SB48) are about to be passed by the California legislature.

RedmondHeights elementary school in Oakland is indoctrinating children starting in kindergarten about “gender diversity”. They are told they can choose to be a boy or a girl — or both. Boys should be comfortable wearing girls’ clothes and nail polish, and there aren’t just two genders, there is a range. Parents are not allowed to opt their children out of these classes.

RedwoodHeightshas hired a “gender coach” from Gender Spectrum, a radical gender group, to go into classrooms. According to a Fox News report (May 30, 2011), “Gender Spectrum’s mission is to create more gender-sensitive environments for kids.”

The San José Mercury News reported on May 23: “On Monday morning, children in Cynthia Bagby’s kindergarten class discussed whether there were ‘girl colours’ and ‘boy colours’. Some giggled when Joel Baum, trainer from Gender Spectrum, read My Princess Boy, a non-fiction children’s book by Cheryl Kilodavis about her son who liked to wear dresses and a tiara.” The program is funded by the California Teachers Association.

The Fox News report showed that the effort to intimidate critics of the program is in full swing. Lies, misrepresentations and skewed facts are used to silence critics. Anyone against the program is labelled as someone who wants to allow children to commit suicide.

One Fox News report, entitled “Homosexual/transgender activist defends mandatory transgender training for elementary school children”, featured a man described as “the legal director for the Center for Lesbian Rights who appears to be a heavily hormone-induced ‘transgender’ woman defending this elementary school program”.

Parents are told these “gender” programs must be implemented in elementary schools without an opt-out ability because parents at home aren’t doing their job, aren’t supporting children’s choices, and are even throwing children out of the house if they say they are “transgender”.

Neither education authorities nor mainstream media question assertions such as “Transgender coaching is absolutely necessary to stop bullying, which transgender kids suffer from more than others”; “We must have respect for differences”; “Transgender kids are committing suicide, and these programs must be done school-wide to stop that”; and “We need everyone to feel welcome and safe”.

Some parents — such as the parents of Pop and Storm — are willing accomplices. The Mercury News quoted Brett Bradshaw, Redwood Heights parent and chairman of the school’s LGBTQ Affinity group saying: “Really, it’s about reducing and dispelling stereotypes and prejudices so kids can show up to school and feel they can learn and thrive without being stigmatised or teased.”
(LGBTQ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer).

You have never heard of a primary school having an “LGBTQ Affinity” group? It’s closer than you think — and, furthermore, “If you’re against this, then you’re in favour of teaching children to hate”!

In Massachusetts, the overwhelming majority of groups testifying at the public hearing in favour of an anti-bullying bill were homosexual and were also involved in writing the legislation. Such laws are seldom drafted by behavioural scientists, always by homosexuals.

The anti-bullying laws take advantage of public emotions, but are designed to impose radical agendas on children.

Babette Francis, B.Sc. (Hons), is national coordinator of Endeavour Forum Inc.

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