May 14th 2011

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Remorseless killers of our industries and jobs

by David Archibald

News Weekly, May 14, 2011

Politicians and business leaders who support a carbon tax are either deluded fools or Australia-haters, says climate and energy scientist David Archibald.

We can thank the global warmers for one thing. Their claim that the sky is falling got people like me to investigate. What I found was that global warming is exactly wrong. Instead of warming, our planet is cooling as solar activity weakens.

The heating effect of carbon dioxide is minuscule. It is lost in the noise of the climate system. That is why the temperature of the planet today is exactly the same as it was 30 years ago. On top of all that, the carbon dioxide level of the atmosphere is dangerously low. All living things would be better off if we had more of it in the atmosphere.

You have not been told that before, because the global warmers have corrupted all the institutions that are meant to serve us. The CSIRO, the Bureau of Meteorology and the universities have all sold their souls, and sold the Australian people down the river. Those institutions we once respected are now venal and not to be trusted.

That leads me to a useful outcome from this debacle. Politicians who believe in global warming are either easily deluded fools, or they are Australia-haters. Because surely by now they would be aware of the economic damage the “carbon” tax would do to Australia. Yet they persist, and this tax has come back from the dead.

So far, it has been people like you and me who have taken on the responsibility to protect Australia against the depredations of the carbon tax. Our politicians are easily cowed, and a lot of them don’t seem to care even if they could tell the difference between right and wrong. Our academics have met our lowest expectations of them.

Missing in action are the major companies who have the resources to sort right from wrong, and who should be working to protect their factories, their workers, their shareholders, their customers and the society in which they operate — the society that has entrusted them with a role to provide for the common good.

But they do nothing, and have reneged on their side of the bargain with Australian society, when this madness would be so easy for them to stop, if only they would choose to do so.

Dante said that the darkest recesses of Hell are reserved for those who remain neutral at a time of great moral crisis. That time is now, and most of our major companies have condemned themselves to the darkest recesses by their inaction and silence.

Then there are those who do worse than that, and actively connive against the Australian people. On March 24, the Prime Minister herself provided us with a list of the names of these companies. These are companies who, instead of contributing to greater wealth for all, would rather feed on the shrunken carcass of an enfeebled Australian economy.

I will now read the Prime Minister’s list of conniving companies: Origin Energy, AGL, BHP, Santos, Shell, Insurance Australia Group and Westpac. These are the companies that wish ill on you and your children. They would sell the Australian people into the slavery and oppression of the carbon tax so that they can get their own snouts deeper into the trough.

It is your patriotic duty to avoid these companies as much as you can. Withhold the blessing of your custom. If you need petrol, and it is a choice between Shell and some other brand, for Australia’s sake, choose the other brand. If any of these companies don’t actually support the carbon tax, they have yet to make the effort to correct that misperception. By their silence, they are complicit.

Make no mistake, the carbon tax they wish upon us will devastate the Australian economy. This week, a minister of the Federal Government visited the steelworks in Port Kembla and cheerfully, tearlessly considered its closure. This government is quite happy to sacrifice our greatest industrial enterprise on the altar of this bizarre cult of carbon.

These people are remorseless killers of whole industries and of whole communities. Once industries such as steel and cement are gone from our shores, no amount of wishing or hoping or endless tears will bring them back again. Skills that have been passed down generations will be lost forever.

In a few short years, Sydney will start having blackouts because nobody will build a new power station while the carbon tax stalks the land.

Beyond the economic damage it will inflict, the carbon tax is putting Australia’s very existence at risk.

Our oil self-sufficiency is falling rapidly now. It will be down to 25 per cent by 2015. We will be scrambling to buy oil to keep our farms and factories running.

We can’t do anything about the price of oil, but we can make our own transport fuels from low-grade coal and keep the money we pay for them in Australia.

The facilities we need to secure our fuel supply won’t be built while the carbon tax is alive. To kill off that tax, and send the right signals to the animal spirits in the economy, Federal Parliament needs to repeal the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act, because that act is the auditing basis of the carbon tax.

A politician is not fully enlightened on global warming unless he wants to repeal that act. Only then will our nation have any hope of being secure and happy.

It was 400,000 emails, letters and phone calls which stopped the carbon tax in late 2009. We need to resend those 400,000 emails, letters and phone calls, but this time with a sharper edge.

Belief in global warming cannot be forgiven. Australia’s standard of living and our very existence are at risk from this tax. For the sake of our children and grandchildren, and for Australians as “yet ungotten and unborn”, we must do our utmost to stop this tax.

Lastly, as a scientist, I have a duty to warn you, who have come here today to protect our country from harm, about what is happening to the Earth’s climate.

What is happening is that the world has entered a sharp cooling phase. I expect growing conditions to shrink 300 kilometres towards the equator by the end of the decade. There will be a major reduction in agricultural productivity in the mid-latitudes. For example, the Canadian wheat crop is likely to be wiped out.

Our Prime Minister spoke recently of the benefits of reading Bible stories. The Bible story that all governments should be paying particular attention to is the one in Genesis about the seven years of fat followed by the seven years of lean. Otherwise, another Biblical character will make his appearance — the Third Horseman of the Apocalypse, Famine.

David Archibald is a Western Australian climate and energy scientist and author and contributed a chapter to the recently published book Energy Security 2.0 (available from News Weekly Books for $28.95). The above article is from a speech he delivered recently at an anti-carbon tax rally in Sydney.

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