December 11th 2010

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ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Politicians shirking their duty by bank-bashing

PROSTITUTION: Sydney 'the Amsterdam of the South Pacific'

VICTORIAN STATE ELECTION: Labor defeated, Greens blunted


OPINION: Government strangling country people with red tape

EUTHANASIA III: A dying man pleads against legalising euthanasia

EUTHANASIA II: How SA's euthanasia bill was defeated

Political spin on climate (letter)

ENERGY: Good news! New oil and gas finds around the world

BOOK REVIEW: GOD'S BATTALIONS: The Case for the Crusades, by Rodney Stark

HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION: Latest threat to Australian families and free speech

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Andrew Wilkie granted access to classified secrets

A party in love with death? (letter)

CULTURE AND CIVILISATION: On abortion, slavery and censorship

Kenyan or Keynesian? (letter)

EUTHANASIA I: Dirty tricks exposed in SA euthanasia push

EDITORIAL: How long can the Gillard Government survive?

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party in love with death? (letter)

by Denise M. Cameron

News Weekly, December 11, 2010

Regardless of the reasons for Labor's defeat at the Victorian polls, John Brumby and his government deserved it.

The first responsibility of good government is to protect human life. The Brumby Government failed this first test when they legalised abortion in 2008.

Another responsibility is to listen to the people. When the Brumby government invited the people to have their say on the matter, 84 per cent of the submissions to the Victorian Law Reform Commission were against it. They were arrogantly dismissed.

Now seven out of nine MPs who voted for the worst abortion law in the world and were targeted by pro-life activists with letterbox campaigns, have been dismissed.

When all about are asking if the Labor Party has lost its way, one wonders if today's Labor brand ever knew from where it came?

The revered Labor Party elder statesman and former Prime Minister Ben Chifley, of "Light on the Hill" inspiration, famously declared: "Any nation which cannot accept the unwanted or unplanned birth of a baby is a nation in love with death."

This nation is not in love with death. The tenacity of pro-life activists is testament to this.

Sadly, it is Ben Chifley's party which is in love with death.

Denise M. Cameron,
Pro Life Victoria (Inc.),
East Brunswick, Vic.

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