October 30th 2010

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CHINA: Institute accused of being Beijing's mouthpiece

UNITED KINGDOM: Britain's Tories axe universal Child Benefit

MARRIAGE AND FAMILY: Why children need a mother and a father

OPINION: The fatal flaw in human rights commissions

Melbourne's March for the Babies (letter)

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How pro-family political parties can win votes (letter)

AS THE WORLD TURNS: The lost generation of America's unemployed / From boys to men / Defence cuts put strain on Western alliance / Middle Eastern Christians an endangered species

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Melbourne's March for the Babies (letter)

by Peter Kavanagh

News Weekly, October 30, 2010

Although pro-lifers are accustomed to being reported negatively, press coverage of Melbourne's "March for the Babies" on Saturday October 9 was outrageous.

False press reports were based on an AAP media release which gave the numbers of pro-life demonstrators at only 400 and the number of counter-demonstrators as high as 200.

In fact, several thousand pro-life demonstrators were confronted by a group of fewer than 30 counter demonstrators.

The AAP confirmed on the following Monday that its report of 400 was a "typo" and should have been 4,000 (itself an underestimate).

The AAP further admitted that its estimate of 200 "pro-choicers" was based on the counter-demonstrators' estimate (the actual figure being in the twenties).

Suggestions that Australians overwhelmingly support the freedom to choose excruciatingly painful deaths for the unborn are false.

As demonstrated by the very large number of people who marched on Saturday, October 9, millions of Australians care passionately about the rights of the unborn.

Peter Kavanagh,
Democratic Labor Party (DLP) MLC for Western Victoria,
Geelong, Vic.

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