July 24th 2010

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Descent into barbarism?

by Richard Congram

News Weekly, July 24, 2010

Despite the euphoria over Julia Gillard's sudden accession to the prime ministership, we all have good reason to exercise caution and examine her bona fides.

Since her student days Ms Gillard has been a loyal adherent of Socialist Left ideology. She greatly admires the late Aneurin Bevan, an extreme Marxist luminary in the British Labour Party last century.

She is a feminist committed to affirmative action, whereby Labor women are entitled to preselection in a percentage of winnable parliamentary seats on the basis of their gender, rather than merit.

For Christians, perhaps her most disquieting attribute is her belief that a woman has every right to kill her unborn child.

She was instrumental in the founding of Australian Emily's List, which supports and funds those female Labor parliamentary candidates who share and promote her belief in every woman's inherent right to take the life of a baby in her womb.

It's informative to visit the Emily's List website (www.emilyslist.org.au) and note the names of current and former federal and state supporters.

In the coming federal election the Australian Greens' preferences probably will be vital if Labor is to be re-elected.

Ms Gillard's position on euthanasia is not clear, but the Greens are unanimously in favour of it (as they are about abortion rights).

If Labor and the Greens were to do a deal on preferences in exchange for a united pro-euthanasia policy, it could result in a severe blow to the pro-life cause.

We can see the tragic results of the all-pervasive culture of death in the Netherlands, as a consequence of radical abortion and euthanasia laws and libertarianism.

The last thing we need is for Australia to again become known as New Holland.

If we vote for a party which denies the sanctity and value of every human life, we may well condemn posterity to a new and ghastly state of barbarism.

Who would want such a stain on his or her conscience?

Richard Congram,
Carindal, Qld

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