July 10th 2010

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NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Julia Gillard's long-term agenda

CANBERRA OBSERVED: No easy policy options for new PM Julia Gillard

Shuffling the deck-chairs leaves key issues unresolved

Feminist-backed push to disadvantage parentcare

HOUSING: Rampant divorce pricing young couples out of homes

GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS: Have we reached the end of the beginning?

LEGAL AFFAIRS: Move to centralise control of the legal profession

FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Beijing's softly, softly approach to Taiwan, Hong Kong

CHINA: China labour activism heralds profound change

EUROPEAN UNION: EU President admits people misled by euro project

REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH: Suppressing the truth about maternal deaths

Meet the new family, digitally deluged

PARENTHOOD: No man will ever replace a real mum

Vietnam veterans (letter)

Tony Abbott and his faith (letter)

New states deserve support (letter)

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Who jails and tortures the most journalists on earth?; US Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan

BOOK REVIEW: A RAT IS A PIG IS A DOG IS A BOY: The Human Cost of the Animal Rights Movement, by Wesley J. Smith

BOOK REVIEW: WAR IN THE PACIFIC, 1941-1945, by Richard Overy

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New states deserve support (letter)

by Don Ford

News Weekly, July 10, 2010

After my three articles urging the creation of new states in Australia (published in News Weekly on September 11, 2004, February 26, 2005 and May 24 2008), I expected some response from readers; but, disappointingly, there was very little. It was rather like dropping a stone into a deep well and waiting for the sound of the splash, which never came.

It was therefore a pleasant surprise to read Jaruj Kazok's recent letter (News Weekly, May 15, 2010) supporting my thesis, and I thank him for it.

With opinions being expressed recently by government and non-government organisations as to the optimum number of people that Australia can absorb, and the impact that such growth in population will have on our already overcrowded cities, it seems absolutely necessary that a sound, efficient and effective program of decentralisation be established as soon as possible, certainly in months rather than years, culminating in the creation of new states on the Australian mainland.

Mr Kazok's well-researched letter should be acted on without delay by the Commonwealth Government.

If Mr Kazok or any reader would like a copy of my map showing the location of the proposed new states and their suggested names, I will be happy to supply one.

My address is PO Box 75, Ashfield, NSW 1800.

Don Ford,
Ashfield, NSW

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