May 1st 2010

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WATER: Government's misspent billions will destroy our farms

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Rudd gambles all on hospital reform

VICTORIA: "Big brother" laws could curb religious freedom

QUARANTINE: WTO apple ruling threatens Australian industries

ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Privatisation has failed to deliver cheaper electricity

EDITORIAL: Can terrorists really acquire nuclear weapons?

POLAND: Aircraft crash annihilates Polish leadership

CLIMATE SCIENCE: Earth is never in equilibrium

ENVIRONMENT: 'Ship on the Reef': a critical review of this season's rerun

SCHOOLS: Dumbed-down Australian history curriculum

GENDER AND IDENTITY: Help for homosexuals who want change

CULTURE: Is the porn tide finally turning?

TRADE UNIONISM: Why America doesn't have a labour party

Perspective needed on Tony Abbott (letter)

Gratitude for public health system (letter)

AS THE WORLD TURNS: China's shameful massacre of unborn girls; Soft power and no plan for Iran; Countering terror; Scientific establishment forfeits public trust

BOOK REVIEW: WILLIAM CHARLES WENTWORTH: Australia's Greatest Native Son, by Andrew Tink

BOOK REVIEW: NOTHING TO ENVY: Love, Life and Death in North Korea, by Barbara Demick

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Gratitude for public health system (letter)

by Patrick Kavanagh

News Weekly, May 1, 2010

A friend of mine who has lost a substantial amount of money, through no fault of his own, was recently stricken with cancer. Following two major operations, he has made a good recovery.

He told me how lucky he was to live in Australia and be treated by our public health system. He could not be more grateful.

Bill Muehlenberg's recent article, "Is Obamacare destined to be a disaster?" (News Weekly, April 3) disturbed me very much.

On giving a lot of thought to this issue, I believe that the Australian health system is more in line with God's message for us to love our neighbour as ourselves than is the American system.

There is no good making excuses for the United States that has had the strongest and biggest economy in the world for not having a public health system to cater for its poor, like most Western countries.

Patrick Kavanagh,
Skipton, Vic.

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