March 6th 2010

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Climate-scare game is up (letter)

by Leon Ashby

News Weekly, March 6, 2010

With the major green groups getting together at a closed meeting to work on a strategy to fight climate sceptics I believe these groups should instead look at the evidence and realise the game is up. This is because there is no evidence CO2 is causing any measurable level of global warming. If there is, then someone would have publicised it.

What green groups have relied on was normal bad weather events. They then fudged data to give the impression that the planet is in crisis and to convince gullible people to attribute every sort of natural warming and cooling to "evil" humanity. Many people are now seeing through that exaggerated claim.

My question to green groups is this: "Will you continue to ignore the lack of evidence and continue to 'run away from debates with sceptics', as James Norman of the Australian Conservation Foundation has admitted?"

Australian companies are gradually realising how devastating CO2 reductions will be to their bottom line. As a result, in South Australia, they are launching a special TV campaign to commence screening on Channel 9 on February 28.

And, just for the record, I am happy to debate any leader of the major green groups about the climate issue - any time. We want "truth before politics".

Leon Ashby,
President, The Climate Sceptics,
Mount Gambier, SA

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