March 6th 2010

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Voters demand equality in childcare maternity payments

by Patrick J. Byrne

News Weekly, March 6, 2010
Overwhelmingly, Australians want childcare payments made to all families, and they want all mothers to receive the same amount from the government whey they have a child.

Currently, childcare payments are paid only to women with paid jobs who put their children in childcare centres; childcare payments discriminate heavily against mothers who raise their children at home.

Furthermore, as of 2011, women already in paid work who take leave to have a child will receive from government coffers 50 per cent more in paid parental leave than will stay-at-home mothers.

Two recent telephone surveys, each of 500 people, by the Brisbane-based Kids First project, found that Australians want stay-at-home mothers treated equally with those in the paid workforce.

The first survey, conducted in the Brisbane federal seat of Ryan, found that:

• 71 per cent want government funding for the costs of children's care to be the same amount per child, whether the child is being cared for at home or in a daycare centre; and

• 77 per cent believed that all mothers should receive the same amount from the government when they had a child, regardless of whether they were stay-at-home mothers or in the paid workforce.

The second survey, in Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's electorate of Griffith, found that:

• 63 per cent of residents believed that the cost of children's care should be the same per child, whether the child is being cared for at home by a parent or in a daycare centre; and

• 68 per cent believed that all mothers should receive the same payment on having a baby, regardless of whether the mothers were full-time home-carers or in the paid workforce.

Clearly, government policies that discriminate against stay-at-home carers are at serious odds with the equality that Australians demand between full-time homemakers and mothers in the paid workforce.

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