June 26th 2010

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AS THE WORLD TURNS: Retiring baby-boomers threaten us with bankruptcy; Ban PCs until children reach nine?; Obama too friendly with tyrants; Taliban hang 7-year-old boy punish his family

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Kevin Rudd living on borrowed time

EDITORIAL: Taxpayer-funded political advertising scandal

PAID PARENTAL LEAVE: Labour and Coalition reject equality for stay-home mums

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Kevin Rudd living on borrowed time

DEFENCE: Govt spending cuts put Army Reserve at risk

ISLAM: Australia set to accommodate Islamic sharia finance

MIDDLE EAST: Israeli nuclear-missile submarines stationed off Iran

UNITED STATES: Will debt bring down the American empire?

ENVIRONMENT: Tuvalu sinking? Much ado about nothing

ENERGY: Fuel import bill could negate mining boom benefits

ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Thirty-year experiment with non-intervention

HUMAN RIGHTS: Why are feminists silent on Beijing's abuse of women?

WOMEN'S HEALTH: US doctors tiptoe around female genital mutilation

WORLD WAR II: When the screen is mightier than the sword

SCHOOLS: History wars erupt again with new curriculum

Sinister 'sex files' project (letter)

Rudd vs. Abbott (letter)

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Retiring baby-boomers threaten us with bankruptcy; Ban PCs until children reach nine?; Obama too friendly with tyrants; Taliban hang 7-year-old boy punish his family

BOOK REVIEW: BLIND SPOT: When Journalists Don't Get Religion

BOOK REVIEW: JUNGLE SOLDIER: The True Story of Freddy Spencer Chapman, by Brian Moynahan

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Rudd vs. Abbott (letter)

by Frank Bellet

News Weekly, June 26, 2010

Those who pay attention would have noticed that on each occasion when Kevin Rudd's latest "misspoke" can no longer be ignored by the media and so is eventually reported, the report is always "balanced" out or neutered by some criticism of Tony Abbott as well.

I do believe Tony Abbott is being fed some bad advice, particularly after I viewed that amateurish "blah, blah" commercial on Kevin Rudd, sponsored by the Coalition.

The PM is constantly making himself look foolish, without the Opposition following suit.

Perhaps some of this "bad advice" is coming from staff or advertising agents, who haven't had their political philosophies and real allegiances properly scrutinised.

Where critics of Tony Abbott come off the rails is with their insistence that Malcolm Turnbull should be a major participant in the Coalition.

Turnbull has form and his time as Opposition leader, and his dabbling Rudd-style with the ETS, should deprive him of any role in any party in opposition to Labor.

It would be a blessing if he followed Petro Georgiou and Judith Troeth out the front door.

Also it does not make sense to suggest, as many journalists do, that the Australian public should suffer another three years of Blunderers Incorporated, led by serial-blunderer Kevin Rudd and co-blunderer extreme Julia Gillard, simply because the media don't like Tony Abbott.

Their shallow argument is that the Coalition isn't "ready" to govern.

Two years ago, Blind Freddy could plainly see that Labor wasn't ready to govern, even if the media, as usual, were absolutely certain that it was.

Frank Bellet,
Petrie, Qld

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