June 12th 2010

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EDITORIAL: BP scandal spreads beyond Gulf of Mexico

OPINION: Super-profits tax creates climate of uncertainty

FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Beijing thwarts sanctions against North Korea

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Rudd Government planned showdown with miners

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PAID PARENTAL LEAVE: Rudd and Abbott overlook stay-at-home mothers

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GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS: Regulators crack down on speculation

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GREAT BRITAIN: Who will rescue Britain from its present madness?

Economic illiteracy (letter)

Statistically insignificant (letter)

ALP branch-stacking (letter)

The truth and Kevin Rudd (letter)

AS THE WORLD TURNS: In praise of pessimism

BOOK REVIEW: THE WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN: The Global Battle Over God, Truth, and Power, by Melanie Phillips

BOOK REVIEW: WHAT'S WRONG WITH ANZAC? The Militarisation of Australian History, by Marilyn Lake and Henry Reynolds

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Who will rescue Britain from its present madness?

by Hal G.P. Colebatch

News Weekly, June 12, 2010
British journalist Melanie Phillips wrote recently: "In Britain, the benefits of diversity are apparently boundless. Now that the Pagan Police Association has received government recognition, police officers can take a string of pagan festivals as official holidays.

"These include celebrating the festival of lactating sheep, and drinking mead and dancing naked to celebrate the harvest. In court, pagan officers will be allowed to pledge to tell the truth not before God but by what "they hold sacred", including, presumably, the Sun God or Kriss Kringle, the Germanic god of yule.... What has Britain come to when its police officers are given leave to dance about naked?"

This, of course, is only one of the instances of madness which seem to be abroad. Nor is Britain by any means the only country in which they are to be found, although such things seem more entrenched there and to be meeting less resistance than in some other places. There are number of reasons for this, not least the success of the Gramscian strategy of bringing about revolution by taking over and corrupting the institutions of government.

It seems to me that among the many challenges and tasks facing the new British Government, stamping out this and associated madnesses is one of the most urgent. My files contain an endless mountain of related matters. Leo Mckinstry, former Labour councillor in the far-left Borough of Islington, former chairman of the borough's Equal Opportunities Committee and former leading multiculturalism activist, wrote:

"At the entrance to my local library there is a large glossy poster which carries the slogan ‘Celebrate diversity'. It sounds like an order. We citizens must express our joy at the changing nature of Britain, or else. But that means we must ignore the evidence of our eyes and ears.

"All around I see mounting social anarchy, gross corruption in the democratic process, the destruction of liberty, mass ignorance and brutality, paralysis in the police, the breakdown of the family and the loss of faith in the justice system.... Yet I am informed I must celebrate diversity, celebrate the new richness of multi-ethnic Britain. It is all too reminiscent of the old Soviet Union, whose penurious citizens had to queue for food but were told they were living in a workers' paradise."

A bishop was specifically warned by police that there was now a duty to "celebrate diversity", North Korean-style.

On the other hand, a British-born citizen who converted to Christianity from Islam and complained to police when local Muslims threatened to burn his house down was told by officers to "stop being a crusader and move to another place".

Phillips has said: "Such intellectual perversity can be understood only in the context of a far wider and profound retreat from reason throughout the West. Across a broad range of issues, the progressive intelligentsia appears to have junked the rules of evidence, objectivity and rationality in favour of fantasy, irrationality and upside-down thinking....

"The result is not merely that the West has become irrational. By turning truth and lies, victim and aggressor, justice and injustice upside down, it cannot even recognise, let alone deal with, the threats being mounted to its own values and civilisation."

The point is, what is the new British Government going to do about it? The last Government allowed or condoned the infliction of appalling damage to Britain's civic culture, ways of life and Christian religion in the space of 11 years. Has the new government the mental equipment, or the will or desire, to take this multisided madness on and defeat it?

Daniel Hannan, a Conservative Member of the European Parliament (MEP), has mentioned the case of a Mr Roy Newman, who, sick of being pestered by canvassers for the recent British general election, wrote, on his own window "Get the lot out!" Within 90 minutes, two police officers were on his doorstep threatening to arrest him for racism. Of this incident, Mark Steyn wrote:

"The more you haul nobodies off to the cells for putting up a poster or quoting the Bible, the more a timid conformist populace will keep its head down, mind its own business, and avoid broader social engagement- or at any rate non-alcohol-fuelled engagement. Big Government is dismantling civic identity, and the slow-burn bonfire of liberties in Europe and North America will eventually consume us all."

It is an old charge that armies are always preparing to fight the last war, not the next. Well, it seems as if, in incidents like this - and I repeat there are countless more, so common that many papers no longer consider them worth reporting - that we are seeing the beginning of the next war: a war unlike any that has gone before, and one which we - that is, civilisation in general - show little sign of preparing to fight or even recognise.

The new Conservative Prime Minister Leader, David Cameron, in a bizarre, unnatural alliance with the far-left Liberal Democrats - has a disquieting reputation as a paragon and leader of political correctness. He showed some physical courage in journeying to Georgia to offer moral support when a Russian invasion looked possible, but has yet to show either that he understands the nature of the present neo-Gramscian conflict in Britain or, if he does understand it, which side he is on.

To rescue Britain from its present madness will need more than the name "conservative" or even an understanding and courageous application of sensible economic policies: it will require the non-left side of politics to acquire a completely new way of political thinking.

Dr Hal G.P. Colebatch is a Perth author and lawyer. His book, Blair's Britain: British Culture Wars and New Labour, was selected in the London Spectator as a Book of the Year for 1999.

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