February 20th 2010

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COVER STORY: Lord Monckton interviewed on global warming and the ETS

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Kevin Rudd grows cooler on global warming

EDITORIAL: Obama: from euphoria to nightmare in 12 months …

CHINA: Three economic events that will change the world

FOREIGN DEBT: The unacknowledged elephant in the room

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Rudd and Henry politicise Intergenerational Report

OPINION: Can Abbott rescue Liberals from 'Ruddbullism'?

INTERNATIONAL POLITICS: In the global power shift, whither Australia?

MEDICAL ETHICS: Euthanasia laws - coming to a state near you

MEDICAL SCIENCE: Abortion laws: seeing what we kill

UNITED KINGDOM: Britain's lords vote for liberty

CIVIC VALUES: Consumerism's destructive impact on faith and family

TECHNOLOGY: Computers, TV and a shrinking attention span

Global conning (letter)

Fundamental cause of population shortfall (letter)

Julia Gillard vs. Tony Abbott (letter)

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Christian teacher forced out over Muslim pupil misbehaviour; Adult-child cultural reversal; Decline of the stiff upper lip

BOOK REVIEW: DIVERSITY: The Invention of a Concept, by Peter Wood

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Fundamental cause of population shortfall (letter)

by Brian A Peachey

News Weekly, February 20, 2010

The Prime Minister Mr Kevin Rudd has raised the serious consequences of our future population. It is arguably one of the biggest and most important issues of national identity and destiny.

The prediction is that by 2050 we will have a population of 35 million with too few workers to support the increasing number of elderly no longer able to be productive.

Mr Rudd says the ratio of working-age people to those aged 65 and over currently is about 5 to 1, and will fall by 2050 to 2.7 people of working age for each retired.

The reason is that Australians are not producing their own children in sufficient numbers to prevent the alarming projection. Unless we alter our values and behaviour, it will certainly happen.

It is important that there be a rational debate, but this will not happen because the media will not allow it and politicians do not want to face a fundamental cause which is that we condone the killing of 100,000 unborn children every year.

That is a reality, but to mention it will cause screams from the feminists, chanting that a woman has the right to kill her unborn child. A woman has no more right, from a philosophical or biological point of view, to kill her child before it is born any more than after it is born.

The unborn child is a human being with all the genes at conception that it will ever have. It is an individual person, different from its mother and father, and has the right to be protected.

Because of the pressure of politically active feminists and some libertarians, it is legal to kill unborn children (in Victoria, up to a day before it is born). This law is a bad law. Its educative power changes our values and is the reason Australia will face the population catastrophe being predicted.

Brian A. Peachey,
Woodlands, WA

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