February 6th 2010

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FAMILY VALUES: Human rights and education

COVER STORY: Global-warming sceptic Lord Monckton visits Australia

EDITORIAL: Is Rudd Government planning a new tax grab?

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Can the Abbott-Joyce duo defeat Kevin Rudd?

ENERGY: A climate policy that is good for Australia

FAMILY LAW: Will Rudd Govt roll back shared parenting?

VICTORIA: Lesbian couple are named parents on birth certificate

NEW SOUTH WALES: NSW Govt rejects adoption by same-sex couples

UNITED STATES: Gaping holes remain in passenger airline security

NATIONAL SECURITY: Global terrorist threat escalates

CHINA: Corrupt big business and the Communist Party

POLITICAL PROFILE: Not-so-secret agenda of Obama's 'science czar'

FAMILY VALUES: Human rights and education

UNITED NATIONS: UN skirmishes over meaning of gender

Tony Abbott defended (letter)

Condoms for Haiti? (letter)

Charles and Babette Francis (letter)

News Weekly name change? (letter)

CINEMA: Cameron's latest blockbuster Avatar (rated M)

BOOK REVIEW: LOSING MY RELIGION: Unbelief in Australia, by Tom Frame

BOOK REVIEW: THE WOLF: How One German Raider Terrorised Australia and the Southern Oceans in the First World War, by Richard Guilliatt and Peter Hohnen

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Condoms for Haiti? (letter)

by Denise M. Cameron

News Weekly, February 6, 2010

In the midst of death, suffering and misery, Planned Parenthood International is at its enterprising best! Sitting on its obscene profits of half a billion dollars, and sensing a good time for fund-raising, it is asking for donations for its local affiliate in Haiti to promote birth control and condoms.

Just how many Haitians were seen, arms stretched out of the rubble, screaming for condoms?

Concerned Women for America (CWA) president Wendy Wright says: "Haitians need food, water, shelter, safety, comfort ... yet all Planned Parenthood thinks about is how to benefit from their suffering. Instead of offering a cup of water they offer a condom.

"As corpses fill the streets and the world wonders how few Haitians will survive this crisis of massive proportions, Planned Parenthood's goal is to reduce their number even more."

This is just the same as when it offered free abortions for 12 days after the September 11 terrorist attacks, and free "emergency contraception" kits to women of Louisiana and Mississippi who were battling rising waters, destroyed homes and seeking basic necessities like food, water and shelter after Hurricane Katrina.

After the commendable international relief services have done their job, and the media's attention is focussed elsewhere, it will be the truly humanitarian and faith-based organisations which will encourage the Haitians to rebuild their lives.

Planned Parenthood's specialty is destroying lives.

Denise M. Cameron,
President, Pro Life Victoria,
Deepdene, Vic.

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