November 28th 2009

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SAME-SEX MARRIAGE: Are we about to create another Stolen Generation?

CANBERRA OBSERVED: National sorrow over plight of forgotten Australians

EDITORIAL: ETS: Rudd's one-way ticket to hell

POLITICS: Whither the Liberal Party?

COVER STORY: Brian Mullins (1925-2009): a true Australian hero

CANBERRA OBSERVED: National sorrow over plight of forgotten Australians

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE: Are we about to create another Stolen Generation?

FINANCIAL CRISIS: Splitting the megabanks for financial stability

FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Afghanistan: Obama's no-win rhetoric

WAR ON TERROR: Grim lessons of the Fort Hood massacre

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Rudd's 'Indonesia solution' has been in place since 2007

HEALTH CARE: Labor unleashes class war on doctors

NEW ZEALAND: John Key sells New Zealand short

COLD WAR: The year the Berlin Wall fell

UNITED STATES: Obamacare: the ego has landed

ABORTION: An abortion-provider changes her mind

Statesmanship needed (letter)

American health cover (letter)

Some orphanage carers were admirable (letter)

BOOK REVIEW: THE VOCATION OF BUSINESS: Social Justice in the Marketplace, by John C. Médaille

BOOK REVIEW: THE THIRTY-SIX: A story of a boy's miraculous survival in wartime Poland, by Siegmund Siegreich

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American health cover (letter)

by Bill Muehlenberg

News Weekly, November 28, 2009

I was somewhat perplexed by Jeffry Babb's article, "Message to America: learn to like taxes" (News Weekly, October 17).

His call for Americans to embrace higher taxes was problematic enough. But let me just focus on one statement, that "60 million Americans lack adequate health cover". This is quite misleading.

While accurate numbers on these matters are quite hard to come by, the common figure is 46 million Americans who do not have health insurance. But that figure needs to be carefully teased out. Many of these are simply people in between jobs, and when they do get another job, their employer will offer health insurance.

But we do know that at least 18 million of these Americans earn more than US$50,000 a year. Also, some 10 million of the 46 million are not even American citizens. And another 14 million are eligible for Medicare, Medicaid and other programs. Moreover, young Americans especially often choose not to be insured.

So that leaves some 8 million Americans (out of a total population of 308 million - or just 2.6 per cent), who are chronically uninsured. So there are a small amount of Americans who do need help, but more federal bureaucracy and red tape is not the way to help these people. We already have the enormous failures of socialised medicine in places like Canada and England to serve as a warning of not going down this path.

And, of course, even the poorest American cannot be denied treatment in an emergency room, and so on. Annual government spending for the uninsured amounts to $31 billion. As Thomas Sowell points out, the ready availability of medical care, regardless of health insurance, acts as a disincentive for people to become insured.

So we need to tread much more carefully here before we start trumpeting ObamaCare, including its provisions for federal funding of abortion.

Bill Muehlenberg,
Heathmont, Vic.

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