November 14th 2009

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COVER STORY: Why Australians should oppose a human rights charter

CANBERRA OBSERVED: The Rudd Government's asylum-seeker dilemma

EDITORIAL: Emissions trading scheme in trouble

CLIMATE CHANGE: Rudd's ETS will hit country towns hardest

ECONOMICS: Rising interest rates create speculative bubble

SOUTH AUSTRALIA: Will SA be the first state to legalise euthanasia?

FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Australia's crude Fiji sanctions policy backfires

BRAZIL: Lula's infatuation with tyrants and mass-murderers

OVERSEAS AID: Exporting death in our overseas 'aid'

ASIA: Taiwan's modified UN bid prospects rated as 'good'

EDUCATION: A destructive doctrine called 'diversity'

SCIENCE: Can computer games harm children's brains?

OPINION: Why I lost faith in the Left

Australian aid to China (letter)

Rags-to-riches story (letter)

Kokoda and Japan (letter)

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Western nations must prepare for cyber attacks; The tyranny of unelected 'experts'; School reform that works.

BOOK REVIEW: OUT FROM UNDER: The Impact of Homosexual Parenting, by Dawn Stefanowicz

BOOK REVIEW: THE ART OF WAR: Great Commanders of the Ancient, Medieval and Modern World, Andrew Roberts

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Australian aid to China (letter)

by Patrick J. Gethin

News Weekly, November 14, 2009

In Ambrose Evans-Pritchard's UK Telegraph report, "China spells end of US dollar hegemony" (see As the World Turns, News Weekly, October 17), we are told accurately that China has $US2 trillion in reserves. Yet our Federal Government, through its agency AusAID, gives aid to China.

On the AusAID website, under the heading "Why Australia gives aid", it reads, "Australia gives aid because we want to help those less fortunate than ourselves."

In the China section on the same website we read: "2009-10 marks the 30th anniversary of the Australian aid program to China. In 1981 Australia became the first bilateral aid donor to China, and since that time Australia has given close to AUD1.28 billion to assist China's development."

In the same section we see that the estimated cost to Australia of this year's (2009-10) China aid program is $A25 million. We also learn that part of the Chinese aid program goes to: "The Human Rights Technical Cooperation Program (HRTC) (which) works with Chinese government agencies and NGOs to strengthen the administration, promotion and protection of human rights in three key areas: women's and children's rights, ethnic and minority rights, and legal and judicial reform."

The program seems to have done nothing to help the Tibetans, the Uighurs or other minorities, nor for families who have more than one child.

Why are we giving aid to a country with assets of $2 trillion?

Patrick J. Gethin,
Mundaring, WA

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