June 27th 2009

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EDITORIAL: New South Wales puts Australian firms first

VICTORIA: The threats to Victoria's electricity and water

GENERAL MOTORS: Restructured GM won't thrive without new mindset

UNITED STATES I: Obama's celebrity-style media spectacle

UNITED STATES II: Cairo speech impressed Western media, not Islamic world

IRAN: US conciliatory approach to Tehran backfires

ASIA/PACIFIC REGION: East Timor consolidates stable democratic government

UNITED STATES: Husband and wife spied for communist Cuba

SCIENCE AND PHILOSOPHY: How science can diminish humanity

EUTHANASIA: The perils of euthanasia "with safeguards"

MEN AND IDEAS: Bob Santamaria's role in Australia's culture wars

OPINION: The Japanese threat facing Australia in 1942

Failure of stimulus packages (letter)

Russia's population crisis (letter)

IPCC's political agenda (letter)

MEDIA: ABC Chaser's war on common decency

CINEMA: Hollywood morality for an audience of fools - State of Play

BOOKS: SHAKESPEARE'S SHATTERED YOUTH: Laming or Elixir? by Lucy Sullivan

BOOKS: CROSSING HITLER: The Man Who Put the Nazis on the Witness Stand, by Benjamin C. Hett

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IPCC's political agenda (letter)

by Alan Barron

News Weekly, June 27, 2009

It is disappointing that many of our politicians, educators and captains of industry have capitulated to the shoddy science of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The IPCC has whipped up hysteria over its claim that the planet is under some immediate threat from global warming.

Obviously, many have not bothered to do their homework. Had they done so, they would have realised the IPCC is a body dedicated to a political agenda - and is a master of spin.

Of the 2,500 IPCC scientists, only 600 looked at the science of climate. Of that number, only 308 commented on the second revision. Of that, only five commented on all five chapters. Of the crucial chapter, "Understanding and attribution of climate change", only seven of the 62 reviewers could be deemed impartial and two of the 62 reviewers did not agree with the final statement. The methodology used to arrive at the "Summaries for policymakers" is flawed and unreliable.

And our national leaders would have realised the science is not "done and dusted"; there is no "consensus". Only five scientists agreed with the IPCC attributing global warming to human-induced carbon dioxide emissions - far short of the 2,500 claimed. They would also have learnt that over 31,000 US scientists have signed a petition saying there is no conclusive evidence to say CO2 causes climate change, and there are hundreds of other non-US scientists who agree.

Our leaders have let us down by not analysing climate data with due diligence. They have allowed themselves to be panicked into action, and chosen to be guided by speculative computer modelling rather than hard data.

This is not the way forward. There is no need to throw thousands out of work or to reduce our standard of living in order to address a "problem" which really doesn't exist.

Alan Barron,
Grovedale, Vic.

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