June 13th 2009

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COVER STORY: Beijing mocks Universal Declaration of Human Rights

EDITORIAL: Recession: end of the beginning ... or beginning of the end?

EUTHANASIA: Dr Death's travelling road show

POPULATION: Billionaire club seeks to curb world's population

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Is Barnaby Joyce a leader in the making?

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Why Rudd's emissions trading scheme should be defeated

GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS: Fundamental change is needed, but probably won't happen

GLOBAL WAR ON TERROR: FBI foils new terrorist attack on New York

SRI LANKA: Mass carnage of Tamils in war without witnesses

INDIA: India's Congress alliance's strengthened mandate

CHINA: Growth slump worries Beijing leadership

ASIA-PACIFIC REGION: Japan set to expand its naval capabilities

OBITUARY: Jerzy Zubrzycki MBE CBE AO - A champion of human freedom and dignity

OPINION: Employee share ownership under threat

AS THE WORLD TURNS: The word is out/ Sharia law vs. prairie law

Housing affordability and land prices (letter)

Religious zeal (letter)

Fuddled logic (letter)

Contrarianism? (letter)

CINEMA: 'The Baader Meinhof Complex' - film whitewashes notorious terrorist gang

BOOKS: I AM MELBA: A Biography, by Ann Blainey

BOOKS: AN AWKWARD TRUTH: The Bombing of Darwin, February 1942, by Peter Grose

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Contrarianism? (letter)

by Frank Pulsford

News Weekly, June 13, 2009

One can feel some sympathy for your correspondent, Dr Brian Lloyd (Letters, News Weekly, May 30). Those pesky "single-issue contrarians" just will not be educated by the modern Illuminati.

I think Al Gore and his fraudulent movie may have unleashed such a rise in the sea level of scepticism that those carrying Gore's message are not listened to with the respect they think is their due.

Nearly everyone I know is a contrarian, but I have never known them to be "single-issue". In fact, their approach to climate change seems remarkably sophisticated.

They would never call carbon dioxide a pollutant. They recognise that climate is always changing. They know that an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide follows a period of global warming rather than the other way about. They know that there have been other periods of increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. They know that climate change is natural and that it is foolish to think that we can change that by fiddling with a gas which constitutes only a very minor proportion of the so-called greenhouse gasses.

They also know that Dr Lloyd's "objective scientists" have been caught out in so many deceptions that they seem no better than Al Gore.

Frank Pulsford,
Aspley, Qld

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