February 7th 2009

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EDITORIAL: Where will President Obama take America?

GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS: Can Australia avoid an economic depression?

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Australia should brace itself for worse to come

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: Blatant political bias in human rights body

JUDICIARY: High Court nominee's gay rights, abortion activism

GLOBAL TERRORISM: The great lie of 'home-grown' terrorism

QUARANTINE: Shake-up for Australia's quarantine system

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS: Being smart about using soft power

MEDIA: What to make of the Obama cult

OPINION: Is there any point to suffering?

CIVILISATION: Created equal: how Christianity shaped the West

OPINION: Legislative change could help first home-buyers

Should democracy always have the last word? (letter)

Deserted by the Liberals? (letter)

A future for News Weekly (letter)

FORUM: Free markets and libertarianism

CINEMA: Slumdog Millionaire - Indian orphan tale a box-office hit

BOOKS: ENOUGH: True Measures of Money, Business, and Life, by John C. Bogle

BOOKS: THE WHITE WAR: Life and Death on the Italian Front 1915-1919, by Mark Thompson,

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Deserted by the Liberals? (letter)

by Kevin O'Neill

News Weekly, February 7, 2009

Rural Australia is puzzled by the claim of the Liberal Party that the National Party is dividing the federal Opposition when in fact it was the Liberal Party that voted with Labor to destroy the single-desk marketing of Australian wheat.

The single desk was the jewel in the crown of the Australian wheat industry.

In 60 years, the Australian wheat industry grew and consolidated.

It attracted the support of dedicated plant-breeders and agronomists, and they developed the best milling wheat in the world.

The managers of the single desk established a good rapport with overseas customers and were quick to iron out claims of wheat not being up to standard. It had an enviable reputation as a reliable supplier.

It was claimed that abolition of the single desk was the forerunner of the abolition of export subsidies by the United States and the Euroopean Union.

The single desk has now gone, and our competitors' subsidies are still firmly in place. The desk was the answer to these overseas export subsidies.

Rural Australia needs a leadership removed from influence of the free market ideologues.

It is to be hoped that the Nationals' Senate leader Barnaby Joyce will soon move to the House of Representatives and give support to his hard-pressed colleagues there who fought great battles for the Australian wheat industry when they were deserted by the Liberals.

Kevin O'Neill,
Tocumwal, NSW

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