December 12th 2009

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EDITORIAL: The challenges facing Tony Abbott

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Abbott's victory took media by surprise

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Senate committee recommends against same-sex marriage

SOUTH AUSTRALIA: Euthanasia bill defeated in SA

ENVIRONMENT: UK's climate research centre discredited

ECONOMICS: Birdsville Amendment stops fuel predatory pricing

ENERGY: Time for a new Coalition emissions policy

THE MANHATTAN DECLARATION: U.S. Christian leaders draw a line in the sand

REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH: Women's health risk ignored by Rudd Government

UNITED STATES: Health care reforms unleash passionate debate

RUSSIA: Medvedev's desperate drive to modernise Russia

EDUCATION: Whatever happened to adult authority?

SCHOOLS: Are independent schools enemies of social cohesion?

Westmore has not read my report: Fr Frank Brennan

Morally handicapped politicians

Market economics misunderstood

Surafend massacre


CINEMA: Dickens' Christmas tale brought to life A Christmas Carol (rated PG)

BOOK REVIEW: FIRES OF FAITH: Catholic England under Mary Tudor, by Eamon Duffy

BOOK REVIEW: THE REVOLT OF THE PENDULUM: Essays 2005-2008, by Clive James

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Morally handicapped politicians

by Peter Davidson

News Weekly, December 12, 2009

What a shockingly grim irony that the near-miraculous surgery to separate conjoined twins Trishna and Krishna which has brought such joy and pride to our nation took place in Victoria, the state which recently legislated to criminalise doctors who refuse to refer for abortion any woman who is carrying a pregnancy with similar defects, or even a perfectly healthy child.

How many of those politicians who voted for this vile legislation are today beaming with delight in the reflected glow of this amazing achievement, knowing that any doctor in Victoria who refused to condone the killing of such children before birth would be severely punished? What chance would Trishna and Krishna have had if they had been conceived in Victoria?

The next major medical breakthrough will come when surgeons find a way to separate the split personalities of these severely morally handicapped politicians so that they can for the first time look themselves honestly in the eye. It will not be a happy experience.

Peter Davidson,
Ashgrove, Qld

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