April 18th 2009

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Articles from this issue:

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Ex-Treasury chief slams Government and Opposition

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: China's Rio bid: Australia's independence at stake

EDITORIAL: G20 summit: end of the "Washington Consensus"?

GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS: Can US dollar remain world's reserve currency?

OPINION: Time to put outlaw bikie-gangs out of business

UNITED STATES: Republican Party in dire need of a leader

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS: Finding the resolve to wage a titanic struggle

FAMILY POLICY: Promoting family-centred child-care

MARRIAGE AND FAMILY: Swedish social laboratory's disastrous legacy

HUMAN CLONING: SA parliamentarians misled by false science

PORNOGRAPHY: American feminist warns of long-term damage from porn

SCHOOLS: Teachers powerless to deal with unruly students

OBITUARY: Laurie Short: an Australian hero (1915-2009)

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Regulation no longer a dirty word / Great orator Obama? / Jimmy Carter II?

Tribute to Laurie Short (letter)

Liberal predicament (letter)

CINEMA: The emptiness of a loveless life - Elegy

BOOKS: SAMUEL JOHNSON: A Biography, by Peter Martin

BOOKS: SOLAR CYCLE 24, by David Archibald

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Tribute to Laurie Short (letter)

by Alan A. Hoysted

News Weekly, April 18, 2009

The death of Laurie Short (see his obituary in this issue) will sadden all who fought Communist influence in the trade unions from the 1940s to the '60s and beyond.

As a young lad of 18, interested in politics and union activities, I considered Laurie Short one of the men I admired most. His tremendous courage in standing against the Communist leadership of Jack McPhillips and others in the Federated Ironworkers' Association (FIA), including being bashed by leftist thugs on several occasions, makes cowards of many so-called "leaders" today.

I'm sure Laurie would have fought the Hawke and Keating governments' policy of reducing tariffs, thus exposing Australian workers to unfair competition from Asian sweatshops. (How could the leaders of the trade union movement have agreed to this recipe for disaster?)

I had the pleasure of meeting Laurie in Sydney when he was national secretary of the FIA after he had proved that previous ballots run by the Communists contained "fraud and forgery on grand scale". I found him to be a good bloke in the finest sense.

Vale Laurie Short. He and many thousands of other unsung heroes fought the good fight in the unions against rigged ballots, intimidation, character assassination and physical violence until they could fight no more.

We have lost a great Australian and a magnificent man.

Alan A. Hoysted,
Thomastown, Vic.

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