September 27th 2008

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COVER STORY: Malcolm Turnbull topples Brendan Nelson

EDITORIAL: Defence: new situations demand new policies

GLOBAL WAR ON TERRORISM: Landmark terrorist trials in Melbourne and London

FINANCIAL AFFAIRS: Why Wall Street imploded

ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Australia facing external economic pressures

SCIENCE: Global-warming - myth, threat or opportunity?

REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH: Breaking the truce on abortion

STRAWS IN THE WIND: The undeserving poor / The bolt from the blue / Sarah Palin / Ladder-kickers / Peter Costello

UNITED STATES: Sarah Palin appointment leaves Left apoplectic

ASIA: Rocky road ahead for Malaysia

HUMAN-TRAFFICKING: Vietnamese slave-labourers in Malaysia

COLD WAR: The spy who teetered on the edge

EDUCATION: Co-educational secondary schooling's drawbacks

SCHOOLS: Queensland school bans cartwheels

Water resources (letter)

Hearing the arguments (letter)

Palin for president? (letter)

Bio-fuels (letter)

BOOKS: 10 BOOKS THAT SCREWED UP THE WORLD: And 5 Others That Didn't Help, by Benjamin Wiker

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Hearing the arguments (letter)

by Peter Kavanagh MP

News Weekly, September 27, 2008

As one of the speakers at Melbourne's pro-life march and rally of September 6, on the steps of Victoria's Parliament House, I am concerned that some media reports may give the public some false impressions.

Although there were indeed "thousands of pro-life demonstrators", there were only a relatively tiny number of opposing people who were demonstrating for abortion.

The scene was indeed "noisy", but only because the pro-abortion people maintained their usual practice of (unsuccessfully) trying to prevent the pro-life message being heard, by continually screaming through several megaphones.

Though unreported, last year, at a similar rally, one of the pro-abortion demonstrators vandalised pro-life amplification equipment (it was quickly repaired).

As widely reported, the police did "keep the two sides apart". The reality is that the pro-abortionists were fighting with the police to get at us.

I was further disturbed to notice that the pro-abortionist group included intellectually disabled people who had obviously been encouraged to engage in this behaviour.

Any objective observer would have immediately and very clearly seen that the pro-life people had no interest whatsoever in physically attacking the other side.

It should be no surprise that those promoting the ultimate in violence against the most vulnerable would be the ones who attempt to use intimidation and violence as a means to that end.

The fact that the pro-abortionists try to prevent the other side being heard also suggests that they know that logic and reason are not on their side and reflects the doubts that they have about their cause.

Peter Kavanagh,
Democratic Labor Party (DLP) MLC for Western Victoria,
Parliament House,
Melbourne, Vic.

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