November 22nd 2008

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EDITORIAL: How Barack Obama won

CANBERRA OBSERVED: How long will Malcolm Turnbull last?

NATIONAL SECURITY: Executed Bali bombers hailed as martyrs

HUMAN RIGHTS: Beijing's butcher is granted Australian visa

ENVIRONMENT: Arctic melting: don't spoil a good story with the facts

FINANCIAL MARKETS: Regulatory proposals being put to Obama

OPINION: The West's long-running economic malaise

HEALTH CARE: Australian medicine's middle way

AUSTRALIAN POLITICS: A successful conservative party ready to rebuild

RULE OF LAW: The perils of a politicised judiciary

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Assessing the Australian Christian Lobby

POPULATION: The economic consequences of abortion

MEDIA: The facts behind the 1949 coal strike

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Toxic melamine in the food chain in China / African-Americans from victimhood to responsibility

Abandoning the old and sick (letter)

Institutional corruption in our schools (letter)

Absurd expectations about Obama (letter)

BOOKS: THE FAMILY: Power, Politics and Fundamentalism's Shadow Elite, by Jeff Sharlet

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Toxic melamine in the food chain in China / African-Americans from victimhood to responsibility

News Weekly, November 22, 2008
Toxic melamine now in food chain in communist China

According to Mr Li, an employee of a Chinese animal feed company, melamine is regularly added to many different types of animal feed in China.

In an interview with New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV) - an independent non-profit Chinese-language TV broadcaster based in New York - Mr Li said the melamine found in eggs came from contaminated chicken feed. Worse cases of indirect contamination might be occurring, but not yet have been exposed.

Cow and pig feed have the highest concentrations of melamine and hormone additives, Mr Li said. The melamine is added to boost the apparent protein content.

Mr Li said that current Chinese food safety regulations are inadequate. Supervision needs to start from the source of raw materials, such as the food oil manufacturers who sell leftover soybean solids to animal-feed manufacturers.

Mr Ren, an egg-supplier from Hebei Province in northern China, has suffered severe business losses since melamine-contaminated Chinese eggs were discovered in Hong Kong. Ren feels that he is a victim in this case. He trusted the feed manufacturers, and did not knowingly sell poisoned eggs.

According to the Chinese newspaper Southern China Metropolitan, the practice of mixing melamine into animal feed started at least five years ago, and affects every type of animal feed - cattle feed, sheep feed, poultry feed, pig feed and even the feed used in industrial fish farms - which is now all contaminated.

Worse still, the melamine is not produced for feed; it comes from industrial waste produced by unrelated industries.

- from "Melamine pervades Chinese animal feed industry", Epoch Times, November 5, 2008.

Alternative URL: Google cached copy of Epoch Times article

From victimhood to responsibility

The conversation about race that Barack Obama says America needs is already in full swing - and it is a conversation among blacks. Its spark was a speech that TV star Bill Cosby gave at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in 2004.

In books and articles, on talk shows and in town meetings, at barbecues and barber shops, African-Americans have been arguing over his words ever since. Their impassioned discussion is the most hopeful development in race relations in years.

With a 50 per cent high school drop-out rate and a 70 per cent illegitimacy rate, with African-Americans committing half the nation's murders though only 13 percent of the population, black America - especially the poorer part of it - is in trouble.

"We cannot blame white people," Cosby asserted in his incendiary speech. "It's not what they're doing to us. It's what we're not doing." As Jesse Jackson used to say, Cosby recalls, "No one can save us from us but us."

Sure, racism hasn't vanished, Cosby acknowledges in his 2007 book Come On People. "But for all the talk of systemic racism and governmental screw-ups, we must look at ourselves and understand our own responsibility."

Even with lingering discrimination, "there are more doors of opportunity open for black people today than ever before in the history of America", and "these doors are tall enough and wide enough" for just about all black people "to walk through with their heads held high".

So while "there are forces that make the effort to escape poverty difficult", African-Americans are by no means merely the playthings of vast forces and helpless victims of racism.

"When people tell you, 'You can't get up, you're a victim'," Cosby warns, "that's when you know it is the devil you're hearing."

- from Myron Magnet, "The great African-American awakening", City Journal (New York), Vol. 18, No. 3, Summer 2008.


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