November 8th 2008

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EDITORIAL: Economic crisis: predicted and predictable

COVER STORY: A third way? Allan Carlson's vision of a family-centred economy

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Little room to manoeuvre for Rudd Government

ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Market failure and the difficult path ahead

SUPERANNUATION: Development bank needed for Rudd's nation-building

RURAL AFFAIRS: Minister confronted by drought's human toll

POPULATION: 'A gigantic, costly and inhumane fraud ...'

RUSSIA: Moscow's campaign of kidnapping and murder

SOUTH-EAST ASIA: Thailand, land of smiles, convulses

HUMAN RIGHTS: Sakharov Prize awarded to Chinese dissident Hu Jia

STRAWS IN THE WIND: Prologue / Just a friend of the family / Epilogue

AS THE WORLD TURNS - Quotes for our Times

OBITUARY - Vale Pat Dunne

Doctor to an aborted boy - a poem

Legalised fraud (letter)

Christian Democrats' role in WA election (letter)

BOOKS: THE BIG SQUEEZE: Tough Times for the American Worker, by Steven Greenhouse

BOOKS: EMPIRES OF THE SEA: The Final Battle for the Mediterranean, 1521-1580, by Roger Crowley

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Christian Democrats' role in WA election (letter)

by Gerard Goiran

News Weekly, November 8, 2008

I take issue with Joseph Poprzecny's analysis of Western Australia's recent state election ("WA Nationals opt for partnership, not coalition", News Weekly, October 11).

His article states that the Labor and Greens combined vote exceeds the Liberal and National combined vote. However, he makes no mention of the other minority parties, such as Family First and the Christian Democratic Party, whose combined vote was 93 per cent of that of the National Party.

A more accurate analysis would consist in adding up the two-candidate preferred results in each House of Assembly (lower house) seat as this factors in all preferences.

This analysis shows the following:

Labor 484,810 votes + Labor independents 14,810 = total left-of-centre bloc 499,620.

Liberals 499,396 + Nationals 70,092 + Liberal independents 19,480 = total right-of -centre bloc 588,968.

Therefore, contrary to your writer's assertion, the right-of-centre bloc received far more votes than the left, which also justifies why the Liberals won government.

Furthermore, an analysis on a seat-by-seat basis reveals also an interesting fact.

While the Liberals' and Nationals' partnership has ensured just enough seats to form government with the help of the independents, the Christian Democratic Party has decisively delivered through its preferences five seats to the Liberals, thereby ensuring a change of government. These seats were the seats of Morley, Riverton, Southern River, Wanneroo and Jandakot.

This is an historical result that has not been taken up by the media and which may have interesting consequences on policy formulation over the next four years.

Had the preferences from the CDP not flowed to the Liberals, the Nationals would not have had the option to decide which of the two major parties to support. Consequently, the part played by the Nationals in the final outcome should not be over-estimated.

Gerard Goiran,
WA State Director,
Christian Democratic Party,
Thornlie, WA

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