May 24th 2008

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COVER STORY: Rudd Budget targets 'middle-class' welfare

EDITORIAL: 'Whom the gods wish to destroy...'

LABOUR MARKET: Post-school education and training: a national crisis

ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Oil imports threaten to blow out foreign debt

ENERGY: Germany's rapid development of renewable energy

SCHOOLS: Dubious deal offered to pupils' parents / Faith schools' autonomy defended

CIVIL LIBERTIES: Political correctness suppresses free speech

ABORTION: Why abortion should remain a crime

PUBLIC AFFAIRS: The indispensable role of government

DEFENCE: Lest we forget our duty of care to servicemen

OLYMPIC GAMES: Clean-up or purges? Beijing prepares for the Games

INTERNATIONAL POLITICS: Is the United Nations beyond repair?

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Westerners acquiescing to creeping sharia / Oil fuelling world's conflicts

OPINION: Why we should encourage creation of new Australian states

Plight of young home-buyers (letter)

In defence of global warming (letter)

Wrong way to tackle inflation (letter)

US presidential elections (letter)

Life, not euthanasia (letter)

BOOKS: THE CHURCH AND THE WORLD: Essays Catholic and Contemporary, by John Haldane

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presidential elections (letter)

by Frank Bellet

News Weekly, May 24, 2008

Some of the articles now circulating from the pens of that endangered species of journalists, who are not mesmerised by the shallow spin from Barack Obama, should dispel any perception that Obama is a shoe-in for the US presidency.

Hillary Clinton's "she would say that" sniping at Barack Obama is not as lethal as the "friendly" fire from Obama's wife Michelle, with her emotional attacks on Americans and America, a country, which has provided her with both wealth and position. Americans are generally very patriotic and would resent her comments.

The damage Barack Obama's former preacher has done to his cause is ongoing, as Rev. Jeremiah Wright tours the United States and is replaced in his church by an Obama friend, who is equally ferocious in his criticism of whites and America.

Collecting 85 per cent or more of the black vote will not be enough to seal the position for Obama. Hispanics now form the largest minority group in America and they are at loggerheads with Afro-Americans, who complain that the Hispanics are taking their jobs.

Now how about President George W. Bush's low approval rating – will that help? Maybe, but the latest poll on the approval rating of Congress, which is now controlled by the Democrats, is 22 per cent.

Frank Bellet,
Petrie, Qld

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