June 7th 2008

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Articles from this issue:

EDITORIAL: Will money solve the problems of indigenous Australians?

COVER STORY: UK green light for creation of human-animal hybrids

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Rudd Labor Government wobbles for the first time

OVERSEAS TRADE: US farm bill buries talk of free trade in agriculture

TRADE PRACTICES ACT: Will Liberals back Labor or small business?

ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Has financial deregulation finally been discredited?

VICTORIA: Vic. court hands gambling decision back to council

CENSORSHIP: Student union bans pro-life activities

REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH: Post-abortive women: from silence to lawsuits

CULTURE: Our topsy-turvy world: on kangaroo culls and child porn

CHILDHOOD: Are violent video games harmless entertainment?

HUMAN RIGHTS: The Olympics and China's organ-harvesting shame

OPINION: Democracy in disconnect: joining the dots

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Urban environments to human scale / War on the family / How we lost the Cold War

Chickens coming home to roost (letter)

Obligation to tackle global warming (letter)

Farmers and carbon tax (letter)

Railway opportunities beckon (letter)


BOOKS: GOD'S CRUCIBLE: Islam and the Making of Modern Europe, 570-1215, by David Levering Lewis

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Obligation to tackle global warming (letter)

by Brian E. Lloyd, AM

News Weekly, June 7, 2008

Once again, Peter Westmore assaults our intelligence with his editorial, "Whom the gods wish to destroy..." (News Weekly, May 24, 2008).

His bottom line is that there is nothing Australia can do about global warming and climate change, and that it would be a serious mistake even to try! What is his motivation in continuing to regale us with such negative views?

It was heartening to read the letter from Tim Wallace in the same issue, quoting Pope Benedict XVI as advocating a reasoned response to the reality of the danger faced by the future Earth.

As a Catholic, a professional engineer and a grandfather of 10, I believe that Australia must take urgent action to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, and to transfer our related research and technologies to other countries, especially China and India.

My advocacy arises from a social justice viewpoint concerning the responsibilities we owe to the people of the future, and from a practical engineering point of view, following an extensive and intensive study of all of the issues concerning the scientific evidence about the realities of climate analyses and projections.

I would have thought that there is an obligation within News Weekly, with its social justice connections, to take the same view of an obligation to the future, even if there is an inability to show even the slightest glimmer of understanding of the science.

Dr Brian E. Lloyd, AM,
Hampton East, Vic.

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