February 16th 2008

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FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Battle lines drawn for US Presidential race

EDITORIAL: Mitsubishi closure a blow to our manufacturing

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Will Rudd summit achieve anything?

BIOFUELS: Sugar industry - execution by policy madness

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: EI inquiry hears of more quarantine failures

ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: The lessons of the past we so quickly forget

STRAWS IN THE WIND: A new Bunyip intelligentsia? / Paddy McGuinness dies / The homeless

ASIA: Re-shaping Asia: The Great Game Mark II

INDONESIA: More good than bad: Suharto (1921-2008)

FATHERHOOD: Making men redundant (and harming our children)

FAMILY POLICY: Family-friendly policies at risk

REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH: Melbourne doctor's bid to decriminalise abortion

UNITED STATES: America's wrong course

LEADERSHIP: Five keys to democratic statesmanship

Demise of The Bulletin (letter)

Re-opening of South Gippsland rail? (letter)

Foreign intervention (letter)

The "more committees" fetish (letter)


BOOKS: CLASSICS: 62 Great Books from the Iliad to Midnight's Children, by Jane Gleeson-White

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Demise of The Bulletin (letter)

by Nicholas Partridge

News Weekly, February 16, 2008

I shall not miss The Bulletin, though once I might have, and wrote as much tonight to The Australian (January 25, 2008).

Most of the time it had become boring, uninspired and dull - even parochial. It dripped along behind every conceivable orthodoxy.

I like to think - and hope - that News Weekly might now move into a large part of that market that The Bulletin once had.

Whilst it is probably a fact that News Weekly's Catholicity is an obstacle to widespread acceptance, I wish it were not so.

There has never been any equal to News Weekly in Australia when it comes to writing about issues at depth and originality.

If it had ever been judged fairly by the intelligentsia of Australia, these truths would have been self-evident if controversial. Nevertheless, there is now a new opportunity, and I encourage you to address it.

Nicholas Partridge,
Shenton Park, WA

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