February 2nd 2008

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Articles from this issue:

COVER STORY: TRANSPORT: End of the line for rail freight?

FINANCE: Sub-prime mortgage crisis paralyses credit system

EDITORIAL: East Timor's new beginning

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Economic storm facing new government

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: A stern test for multiculturalism

CULTURE AND CIVILISATION: Family values overlooked in the market-place

STRAWS IN THE WIND: Reading the signs for the New Year (Through a hedge backwards...) / Hijacking foreign aid / Sub-prime lending crisis / Was Hitler's defeat inevitable?

AFGHANISTAN: Confronting terrorists and the drug trade

WOMEN UNDER ISLAM: Silence of the "sisterhood"

EDUCATION: The threat to our literary heritage

OPINION: Who is the real Kevin Rudd?

Global warming? Stop and think! (letter)

Flaws in our voting system (letter)

Who is running the country? (letter)

Barack Obama on foreign despots (letter)

Alternative to capitalism and communism? (letter)

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Juvenile crime in Britain / Feminist magazine's anti-Israel bias

GOD AND CAESAR: Selected Essays on Religion, Politics, and Society by Cardinal George Pell

BOOKS: CULTURAL AMNESIA: Notes in the Margin of My Time, by Clive James

THE TORCH AND THE SWORD: A History of the Army Cadet Movement in Australia, by Craig A. Stockings

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Global warming? Stop and think! (letter)

by Bob Brooks

News Weekly, February 2, 2008

The UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change deserves another accolade beside the Nobel Peace Prize.

The panel has produced the most widely publicised science-fiction the world has ever seen.

The inconvenient scientific truths are becoming increasingly well known, including the 1930s being the warmest decade in the last 100 years.

Mars is having similar global-warming problems to Earth's (ref. NASA). CO2, a lagging indicator of global warming, is an effect, not the cause. Water vapour is a much more important greenhouse gas than CO2.

These are facts, not theories or incomplete models.

The Vostok and other ice-core analyses spell out the cyclical nature of global warming, but not the causes which may include sun-spot activity, other cosmic radiation or Earth tilt.

Yes, we have global warming, but let us not waste scarce resources chasing shadows. Stop and think!

I live in a solar-passive house and drive a very fuel-efficient car, but do not recommend shutting down all the coal-fired power-stations on Mars or in Australia or anywhere else on Earth.

Bob Brooks ASTC, FAus IMM, MIEAust.,
mining engineer,
Geraldton, WA

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the wider impact of transgenderism on society.
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