December 6th 2008

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BOOKS: WARSAW 1920: Lenin's Failed Conquest of Europe, by Adam Zamoyski

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Left-liberals to dominate Obama Administration

by Peter Westmore

News Weekly, December 6, 2008
The new US Administration will be dominated by left-liberals who will pursue a radical feminist and radical environmentalist agenda.

As Barack Obama prepares for his inauguration as America's next President, the shape of his administration is becoming disconcertingly clear: it will be dominated by left-liberals who will pursue a radical feminist and radical environmentalist agenda, and by ex-officials of Bill Clinton's Administration.

While much of the international focus is on his economic "rescue package", Obama has announced appointments which will push the US Administration far to the left, both nationally and internationally.

Obama has promised to reverse President Bush's energy policies, effectively adopting the agenda of Al Gore, the former US Vice-President turned environmental campaigner who produced the alarmist film, An Inconvenient Truth.

Separately, Obama has announced the appointment of Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State, effectively giving her the reins of US foreign policy. Clinton is a long-time supporter of the UN's population control and abortion policies, and a critic of the actions of the Bush Administration in these areas.

Further, he has appointed Ellen Moran, executive director of the pro-abortion organisation Emily's List, as White House communications director.

Election campaigns

Emily's List, one of the most important Democratic Party constituency groups, says it is "dedicated to building a progressive America by electing Democratic pro-choice women to office".

Since being established, Emily's List claims to "have helped elect 78 pro-choice Democratic women members of Congress, 15 senators, 9 governors, and hundreds of women to state and local office".

Its website says: "We are a network of more than 100,000 women and men from all across the country committed to recruiting and funding viable women candidates; helping them build and run effective campaigns; and mobilising women voters to help elect progressive candidates nationwide.

"This is where you can join tens of thousands of women and men in our network who want to undo Bush and the Republicans' disastrous agenda and build a progressive America.

"Working together, we can elect pro-choice Democratic women to office across the nation and use the power of women voters to defeat the GOP [Republican Party] and take our country back."

Ellen Moran cut her teeth working for the American union movement, the AFL-CIO.

Many of the other appointees to the new Administration held high posts under the last Democrat President, Bill Clinton.

Larry Summers, former Clinton Secretary of the Treasury, is to head the National Economic Council, a key advisory post to the President. Another adviser is Robert Rubin, former Treasury Secretary in the Clinton era.

One of the strongest critics of the Obama administration is Dick Morris, a former Clinton adviser who conducted Clinton's re-election campaign in 1996.

Morris described the appointment of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State as a betrayal of Obama's promise to be the "change we can believe in".

He said, "Having upended the Democratic Party, largely over his different views on foreign policy and the war in Iraq, he now turns to the leader of the ancient regime he ousted, derided, mocked and criticised to take over the top international-affairs position in his administration."

Morris added: "Apart from the breathtaking cynicism of the appointment lies the total lack of foreign policy experience in the new partnership. Neither Clinton nor Obama has spent five minutes conducting any aspect of foreign policy in the past. Neither has ever negotiated anything or dealt with diplomatic issues. It is the blonde leading the blind." (New York Post, November 23, 2008).

In an article headed "A time of transition", the Los Angeles Times said, "Obama's White House is beginning to look a lot like Clinton's."

It added, "For all his talk of transformation, Obama's earliest decisions suggest something odd: the more things change, the more they look like the 1990s. Some see a Clinton Restoration in the making."

In the meantime, America's ailing car industry which employs up to three million Americans directly and indirectly, has been refused a cash injection of $25 billion, although the Bush Administration, with the support of Obama, has been able to find $US300 billion ($A470 billion) to bail out Citibank.

Among Citibank's directors is Robert Rubin, one of Obama's advisers.

According to John Gapper of London's Financial Times, "Mr Rubin has had an influential role at Citi since being brought on board by Sandy Weill in 1999 but has not been an executive. Having formerly been co-chairman of Goldman Sachs, he preferred to exercise influence behind the scenes."

Gapper added, "Mr Rubin and Chuck Prince, Citi's former chairman and chief executive, played 'pivotal roles' in the bank's disastrous push into underwriting and trading collateralised debt obligations."

It seems that a commitment to left-wing politics and an involvement with the Clinton White House are the hallmarks of the new Administration.

— Peter Westmore is national president of the National Civic Council.

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