August 2nd 2008

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COVER STORY : WORLD YOUTH DAY 2008: Christianity challenges the secular age

EDITORIAL: A tale of two countries ...

CANBERRA OBSERVED: How Rudd could avoid climate change backlash

FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Future threats from China

FOREIGN INVESTMENT: Sovereign Wealth Funds threaten Australia's independence

NATIONAL SECURITY: Let our security services do their job

EDUCATION: Reclaiming the school syllabus

SCHOOLS: Will more computers help under-performing schools?

MARRIAGE AND FAMILY: Under threat - the roles of motherhood and fatherhood

MEDIA: Ten's Big Brother finally bites the dust

STRAWS IN THE WIND: A new political and moral map for Australia?

VICTORIA: Women's Hospital counsel defends abortion

OPINION: Carbon emissions hysteria is economic suicide

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Bastille Day reconsidered / Sharia law in Europe

Answer to water crisis (letter)

Global-warming scepticism challenged (letter)

Advances in solar power technology (letter)

American health care (letter)

BOOKS: FORGOTTEN ANZACS: The campaign in Greece, 1941, by Peter Ewer

BOOKS: HOMER'S THE ILIAD AND THE ODYSSEY: A Biography, by Alberto Manguel

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A new political and moral map for Australia?

by Max Teichmann

News Weekly, August 2, 2008
I don't think many people were prepared for the magnitude of the events of the papal visit, and we are still struggling to comprehend the extent of its success.

What we have seen is the nearest approach to the expression of the will of the people - certainly the most striking representation of a version of the popular will for a very long time.

Five times the size of the much-touted Vietnam Moratorium of 1970, which was, in a sense, a one-day stand.

And then there has been Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, year after year, which has been the measure of the counter-culture, and heavily sponsored and endorsed by our media.

We at last have a political and moral map of Australia and its Catholic youth.

I will leave this story for others to recount, but would like to return to it at a later date.

Some friends of mine are moving to collect things I have written over many years. I wish them luck.

They are discovering all manner of things, and I might present a few prophetic pieces from the late '60s and early '70s.

Some of you will be surprised. I was.

But I will leave that again to the future.

Meantime, let us digest the implications of what has just happened in Australia.

- Max Teichmann

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