April 12th 2008

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Articles from this issue:

COVER STORY: Red Star over Canberra

EDITORIAL: Behind the bid for UN Security Council seat

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Kevin Rudd's ideas summit looms

BIOFUELS: Ethanol doesn't have to compete with food

QUARANTINE: AQIS blamed for equine influenza outbreak

FINANCE: Right and wrong way to tackle financial crisis

STRAWS IN THE WIND: The American elections / Rudd's honesty / Conservative blues / NATO's fastidious peace-keeping

TAIWAN: KMT victory paves way for improved China ties

EUROPE: The Dutch disease - how low can you go?

BIOETHICS: Man - a vanishing species?

OPINION: Twilight of the British Raj

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Beijing's one-child policy a demographic powder-keg / A nation of dunces? / Fragility of the affluent society

High cost of foregoing trade deal (letter)

Finlandisation? (letter)

News Weekly's stand on global-warming (letter)

Earth Hour a silly idea (letter)

BOOKS: THE LITERACY WARS: teaching children to read and write in Australia by Ilana Snyder

BOOKS: ORIGINS: An Atlas of Human Migration edited by Russell King

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News Weekly's stand on global-warming (letter)

by P.C. Wilson

News Weekly, April 12, 2008

Judging by a recent article by Christopher Pearson in The Australian (March 22, 2008), more and more commentators are starting to call this global-warming garbage for what it is.

But, to its eternal credit, News Weekly, to my knowledge, has been one of the first serious journals to take a rational stand against the current hysteria and attempt to stem the tide.

I am concerned about the effect the global-warming fraud will have on the Australian economy, now that Professor Ross Garnaut is telling us it will cost a great deal more than hitherto thought.

In view of the "nine significant errors" found in Al Gore's Hollywood epic, An Inconvenient Truth, we are entitled to ask, with Pontius Pilate, "What is truth?"

However, if the doomsayers chant "climate change" long enough - and attribute it to any change in the weather - ultimately the scare campaign becomes the "authorised version".

It reminds one of the central character in John O'Brien's classic poem on the drought:

And so around the chorus ran
"It's keepin' dry, no doubt."
"We'll all be rooned," said Hanrahan,
"Before the year is out."

Sound familiar?

It will be a long haul: don't give up.

P.C. Wilson,
Miami, Qld

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