September 29th 2007

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FEDERAL ELECTION 2007: NCC policy initiatives on biofuels and Internet safety

EDITORIAL: Horse flu outbreak: time to face hard facts

CANBERRA OBSERVED: John Howard's risky succession strategy

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Will we learn from our quarantine debacle?

DEFENCE: Emerging nuclear challenges for Australia

NATIONAL SECURITY: Another triumph for the ABC or potential calamity?

EMPLOYMENT: Offshore assets most Australians never see

SCHOOLS: How much should we pay teachers who don't deliver?

LIFE ISSUES: 'Rosita', poster-child for pro-abortion lobby

UNITED STATES: Questions over Republican nomination

OPINION: Disgrace of the West's 'cognitive dissonance'

AS THE WORLD TURNS: libertarianism, lesbian's twins, Chinese toys, anti-Americanism

Kevin Rudd's motherhood statements (letter)

Kevinism or a Ruddism? (letter)

Facility with languages (letter)

Australia needs American help with defence (letter)


BOOKS: FAITH THROUGH REASON, by Janne Haaland Matláry

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Kevin Rudd's motherhood statements (letter)

by Frank Bellet

News Weekly, September 29, 2007


Kevin Rudd makes yet another sweeping motherhood statement, and it makes headlines ("Rudd to confront states on pokies", The Australian, September 11, 2007). He went on to say that he "wanted to wean the states off dependency on pokies for revenue".

In the first place, the Queensland Goss Labor Government (1989-1996) - of which Rudd was chief adviser - weaned the states on to poker machines, which they now consider to be licences to print money. Personally, I believe they are a licence to steal money.

However, now Rudd wants us to believe he can "wean" the states off dependency on them for revenue.

No details of his plan. He just wants everyone to trust him as prime minister, and he'll sort it all out later.

Frank Bellet,
Petrie Qld

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