October 13th 2007

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EDITORIAL: China the key to Burma crisis

HUMAN RIGHTS: Christian freedoms under attack

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Election outcome will shape Australia's future

DRUGS: Parliamentary report's tough stance on illicit drugs

TERRORISM: After APEC: security review urgently needed

SCHOOLS: What price should we pay for progressive education?

LIFE ISSUES: Abortion - women's choice or coercion?

OPINION: Doctor sued over unplanned second child

COMPETITION: Coalition strengthens Trade Practices Act

INTERNET-FILTERING: YouTube launch of AFA election brochure

RURAL AFFAIRS: Farmers protest as water crisis deepens

CINEMA: Australia's seamy underside laid bare - The Jammed


How to reward teachers in special schools? (letter)

That Swedish film again (letter)

Proving his manhood? (letter)

Peter Keogh remembered (letter)

BOOKS: DELUDED BY DAWKINS? A Christian Response to The God Delusion, by Andrew Wilson

BOOKS: THE DANGEROUS BOOK FOR BOYS: Australian Edition, by Conn and Hal Iggulden

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How to reward teachers in special schools? (letter)

by Chris Backstrom

News Weekly, October 13, 2007


I refer to the article, "How much should we pay teachers who don't deliver?", by Mark Lopez (News Weekly, September 29, 2007). Dr Lopez makes the point that some teachers are not doing a good job, and that these teachers are paid the same as good teachers are.

I was hoping to read an article that addressed the difficulty of rating teachers who work with students who are not bright and enthusiastic treasures whose parents insist on private tuition.

How does one compare the performance of teachers in special schools with teachers at Brisbane Grammar School?

Some of the most wonderful teachers are those who encourage apathetic and recalcitrant students to stay in school and complete vocational training. How are these teachers to be rewarded?

The article misses important points of the debate.

Chris Backstrom,
Alderley, Qld

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