May 12th 2007

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COVER STORY: ANZAC DAY: A new dawn for Australian national pride

EDITORIAL: Labor's uranium policy: when 'yes' means 'no'

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Has Kevin Rudd made his biggest mistake?

WATER: Water crisis: farmers' warnings ignored

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Why Kevin Rudd leads in the polls

LABOR PARTY: Australian union movement's last hurrah

STRAWS IN THE WIND: ABC's John Curtin - a missed opportunity / Labor conference a gold-plated flop / Melbourne's continuing transport fiasco / Ice man cometh

INTELLIGENCE CORNER: Terror Australis - will the public ever wake up?

FAMILY ASSISTANCE: Howard's cash benefits for families

SCHOOLS: Report slams school curriculum muddle

DRUGS POLICY: $150 million campaign against 'Ice' - too little, too late

MEDICAL: Oral contraceptive link to breast cancer

HISTORY: Wilberforce's epic battle to end slavery

Plight of Tamils in Sri Lanka (letter)

Sinhalese speaking up for Tamils (letter)

Religious vilification laws (letter)

General Monash (letter)

BOOKS: BETWEEN TWO WORLDS: The Inner Lives of Children of Divorce

BOOKS: THE OCCUPATION OF IRAQ: Winning the War, Losing the Peace

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Sinhalese speaking up for Tamils (letter)

by K. Vipulananda

News Weekly, May 12, 2007

I am a Sinhalese but opposed to what our Sri Lankan Government is doing to my country in the name of religion and language.

We, the Sinhalese Community around the world, who want peace to return to our country, cannot thank News Weekly's special correspondent enough for highlighting the problem in Sri Lanka to the rest of the world - especially when there are many reporters who either ignore it or write the opposite in order to please the politicians.

You did what a true editor is supposed to do. We take our hats off to you.

Tamils are peace-loving people and I hate to see them suffering, and nobody is paying any attention.

Sri Lanka has a propaganda machine in place and is spending millions of dollars for this purpose. If a foreign leader from a powerful country is critical, then the Sri Lankan Government will send a member of parliament, with all sorts of twisted facts, to try to change his mind.

But if a foreign leader takes a firm stand, the Sri Lankan Government will portray him as a Tamil Tiger sympathiser or on the Tigers' payroll. They will say anything to make him look bad.

The Pope in his Easter message singled out Sri Lanka for human rights violations. Next thing President Mahinda Rajapakse went to the Vatican to try to change the Pope's opinion.

I want to thank you once again on behalf of all the Sinhalese people who want the truth to be told, because there is no other way that peace can be brought to our (once beautiful) island.

Please keep writing.

K. Vipulananda,
Bonnyville, Alberta,

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