March 17th 2007

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COVER STORY: East Timor elections: Australia's role

EDITORIAL: East Timor's democratic alternative

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Can Kevin Rudd handle the heat?

OVERSEAS TRADE: Wheat's single selling-desk under threat

QUARANTINE: Parliament must not shirk its responsibility

STRAWS IN THE WIND: He knew not what he done, guv ... / Bring back our demonstrators - official! / Inspector Rex meets Robert Mugabe / The Balibo Five

MERCHANTS OF SLEAZE: Destroying our daughters' innocence

ABORTION: Winning over women one at a time

OPINION: Freedom of speech under threat

GOOD READING: We still need tales of bravery and heroism

WESTERN AUSTRALIA: Rare mineral's use in miniaturised gadgets

FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Angling for a greater role on the world stage

Anti-Americanism (letter)

Green radicalism (letter)

Green hoaxes (letter)

BOOKS: AMERICA ALONE: The end of the world as we know it, by Mark Steyn

BOOKS: THE GREAT WAR, by Les Carlyon

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Green radicalism (letter)

by Kevin Cains

News Weekly, March 17, 2007

Damian Wyld in his article on the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society suggests that your readers would be shocked to discover the extent of high-profile support for this radical environmental group (News Weekly, March 3, 2007).

Catholic Earthcare Australia (CEA), an ecological agency of the Bishops' Conference, also has high-profile support for its promotion of radical environmentalism.

Tasmanian Greens Senator Christine Milne (a former staffer to Senator Bob Brown) is a close associate of CEA and acts as its advisor. She attended the CEA conference in 2005 and is a regular guest speaker at church functions. CEA appears to view her as the messiah on ecological matters.

CEA executive director Col Brown advised the 2005 conference that many of Australia's conservation and environmental groups have invited CEA to join forces for particular projects and campaigns. He said that new-found friends include the Australian Conservation Foundation, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace.

Mr Brown thanked Catholic Church Insurances and the directors and staff members of the Sydney and Wollongong Catholic Education Offices for their remarkable support and belief in the importance of Earthcare's ministry.

A major cause of concern is the CEA's large budget which enables it to prepare and distribute one-sided environmentalist propaganda to schools.

Is it simple naivety that CEA has formed a close alliance with the Greens, many of whose policies are fundamentally opposed to Christian beliefs?

Kevin Cains,
Garran, ACT

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