March 3rd 2007

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CANBERRA OBSERVED: John Howard's election year dilemma

EDITORIAL: Climate change: time for a reality check

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Water and ethanol - time to think big

WATER: Who will stand up for states' rights?

RADICAL ENVIRONMENTALISM: Sabotage and piracy on the high seas

CHINA: 'Bloody Harvest' - organ-harvesting latest

STRAWS IN THE WIND: Ecclesiastical charades / Rudd's credibility / Victoria's new Second Chamber / Putin's way

SPECIAL FEATURE: New light on Bob Santamaria

EUTHANASIA: Male suicide rise linked to euthanasia debate

OPINION: Dangers of a 'same-sex' register

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS: South Korean-US relations under strain

OPINION: Climate change - hot air, big bucks, cold facts

Truth not always a defence (letter)

How Rudd could beat Coalition (letter)

The bushfire crisis (letter)

U.S. Presidential candidates (letter)

Government subsidies and health hazards (letter)

OBITUARY: Vale Charles Coffey (1906-2007)

CINEMA: Heart-warming rags-to-riches story - The Pursuit of Happyness

BOOKS: DUMBING DOWN, by Kevin Donnelly

BOOKS: DOWN TO THIS: A Year Living with the Homeless

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Climate change - hot air, big bucks, cold facts

by Ian W. Adie

News Weekly, March 3, 2007
Truth seldom reaches the front pages of the mainstream media where it is desperately needed, says Ian W. Adie.

When the global-warming bandwagon rolls over even stolid John Howard — is it time for rollback? He was certainly wrong to say he was wrong.

Witness, among others, even Yuri A. Izrael, vice-president of the United Nations-sponsored climate-change pundit swarm, the IPCC.

See him cited by Canadian climatologist Tim Ball, who calls the "CO2 causes global warming" mantra the "greatest deception in the history of science". ( .

Now proved really wrong by the latest (4th) report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), due out in full in May, is the conventional-wisdom "consensus" of its previous alarmist reports which still shape public perception.


Even the latest "summary" or preview of the report, drafted by policy wonks rather than "top scientists", and summarily demolished online by Lord Monckton (Center for Science and Public Policy, February 1, 2007:, shows how the "science" has always been tweaked for political ends and that, as Mark Twain noted, figures can lie, when liars figure — especially when they all add up to a hockey stick.

Fact is, climate shift happens — all the time, always did. How and why, "science" can only hypothesise (en clair, guess), not fully explain. Computer models have to cook up too many interacting variables.

Warming alternates over the years and millennia with cooling, along with changes in the sun, the impact of cosmic rays on water vapour in the air — which has much more to do with the "greenhouse effect" than carbon dioxide and methane, etc., etc.

There is no evidence in ice-cores, etc., for correlation between the amount of CO2 in the air and its temperature. And even if there was, it would not prove causation.

Surely we must curb burning of forests and fossil fuels — calamitous locally, regardless of any global effect.

A wider catastrophe will ensue if the sane agenda is hijacked by a "green juggernaut" which shares aspects of protection racket plus apocalyptic cult with aberrant "Islamist" jihadism. Both, to turn Al Gore's phrase, threaten "all of civilisation".

That other agenda is about money and the power to redistribute it. Result, de-industrialisation and job loss.

Accident or design? Already many billions of dollars have been squeezed out of us "losers" — consumers and taxpayers — by bureaucracies, NGOs, poliwonks and grant-seekers doing predetermined-outcome "research", and the rest of the glowarmafia.

This has been achieved by creation of a "State of Fear", as dramatised in Michael Crichton's fact-filled thriller; by saturating public and academic discourse with bait-and-switch buzzwords like "greenhouse" and "carbon" — unscientific shorthand terms which encapsulate unproven axioms.

For example, a statement of the obvious, like "climate change is real", is morphed into accepted newspeak as it slides into something quite different:

"Change = warming = global warming = warming caused by CO2 = carbon = emissions due to human activity = business and tax opportunities."

Whistleblowers are prevented from publishing inconvenient research which casts doubt on this stuff, some being subjected to vicious personal attacks such as "being paid by big oil". Their jobs are at risk.

This is why the truth so seldom reaches the front pages of "mainstream" media where it is desperately needed.

In the 1770s, the "consensus" believed in a non-existent substance called phlogiston — until Lavoisier broke through it, with a whiff of oxygen ….

Please let us dephlogisticate the UN's IPCC and the glowarmafia!

— The author Ian W. Adie is an Honorary Research Fellow at Monash University, Victoria.

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