July 21st 2007

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EDITORIAL: Democracy triumphs in East Timor

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TAIWAN: Divisive politics alienate Taiwanese

OPINION: Left-wing bid to discredit our Anzac tradition

POPULAR CULTURE: Video games overtaking movies and music

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Why do we dress children like miniature adults?

Science and the academic left (letter)

The Net and I (letter)

Swedish film defended (letter)

Terrorist doctor-killers? (letter)

CINEMA: Triumphing against all the odds - Amazing Grace


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Swedish film defended (letter)

by Marie Rankin

News Weekly, July 21, 2007


I was truly amazed at Len Phillips's negative review of the film, As It Is In Heaven (News Weekly, July 7, 2007).

When I viewed that movie, the whole audience in the theatre stayed to hear that "special solo piece", beautifully sung, till the end of the credits, and then all clapped their approval of a well-acted and moving film.

I am nearly 70 years of age and a practising Catholic, and nowhere in the film did I recognise a specifically anti-God theme. In my experience, it is quite rare for an audience to show approval of a film by clapping at the finish of it.

The comment that the eight-year-old bully doesn't grow up into a quite normal member of the community "as most eight-year-olds do" quite belies the evidence I read about and am witness to any day of the week.

The hypocrisy of some do-gooders and members of different groups in some small towns who do not have any genuine charity in their hearts is also something I have witnessed more than once.

The world-famous conductor in this film, in my opinion, had genuine humility and charity in his heart and the wish to free these people from oppression of their hearts, minds and capabilities. He certainly wasn't doing it for more fame or fortune. Even the pastor ended up a better and more compassionate human being.

Maybe your reviewer Len Phillips could look for Christian positives next time. His depression about the anti-God industry seems to be influencing his outlook on life in general.

It is interesting to note that this film is currently showing for its 20th record week in Sydney.

Marie Rankin,
Forster, NSW

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