February 3rd 2007

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Messiah status for Labor leaders (letter)

Major doctrinal errors in Nativity film (letter)

Word engineering (letter)


BOOKS: JACKA VC: Australian hero, by Robert Macklin

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Major doctrinal errors in Nativity film (letter)

by Mary Lou Corboy

News Weekly, February 3, 2007


I wish to comment on Damian Wyld's film review, "Faithful re-telling of the Christmas story" (News Weekly, January 20, 2007).

Mr Wyld heaps great praise on the film The Nativity Story, from its choice of cast to its care in matching the terrain and climate of the time. At last, his review eventually touches on a "few minor errors", including that mother and child cry in pain at birth.

According to Catholic Church doctrine, the Blessed Virgin Mary was immaculately conceived without the stain of original sin. As such, she was not subject to the penalties of sin and therefore would not have experienced pain in childbirth which was one of the punishments of the Fall.

To accept otherwise is to deny one of the most profound doctrines of the Catholic faith.

God help our children if parents have to resort to films depicting "major errors" in Catholic doctrine as teaching tools.

Mrs Mary Lou Corboy,
Glenrowan, Vic.

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