December 22nd 2007

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Articles from this issue:

EDITORIAL: Bali climate conference disconnected from reality

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Liberals not knowing which way to turn

FILM CLASSIFICATION: Porn film case dismissed by Federal Court

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Can Rudd restore an impartial public service?

FOREIGN DEBT: Last chance to avoid becoming a banana republic?

QUARANTINE: AQIS locks stable door after horse flu has bolted

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS: US and Israel differ over Iran nuclear capabilities

STRAWS IN THE WIND: Christmas miscellany / Shopping spree / If the Liberals keep their nerve / One way of spending the surplus / Developing expensive tastes

GENOCIDE: Stalin's Ukrainian famine - the Holodomor

OPINION: Four factors that have shaped the new PM

OPINION: Trojan Horse inside Amnesty International

The abused generation (letter)

John Howard's dignified farewell (letter)

Asbestos cynicism (letter)

Malthusian spectre (letter)

CHRISTMAS POEM: The adoration of the Magi

CINEMA: The Golden Compass - well-crafted fantasy film 'about killing God'

BOOKS: THIRD WAYS: Family-centred economies and why they disappeared, by Allan C. Carlson


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John Howard's dignified farewell (letter)

by Frank Bellet

News Weekly, December 22, 2007

John Howard, in a dignified farewell speech, which was typical of his high standard of decorum, was somewhat hard on himself by taking "full blame" for the loss of the election.

I was never convinced by the conventional spin, which would have originated in the Labor Party and subsequently swallowed by the nervous Nellies amongst the Liberals, that John Howard should have handed over earlier to Peter Costello.

Also, having spent all of my working life in advertising, I must say I could have written better commercials than the ones foisted on the Coalition by someone, who has much to learn about both advertising and politics.

John Howard's treatment by the press gallery, in his final appearance, compared with their sycophantic treatment of Kevin Rudd, was significant.

Michelle Grattan, of Melbourne's The Age, came out with both guns blazing at Mr Howard; and Mark Riley, of the Seven Network, who was playing to his peers in the press gallery, was just plain bad-mannered.

No-one, in an interview, should treat the person being interviewed with such disrespect. Journalists can dish it out; but I've never been allowed, in a letter to a newspaper, to dish it out to them.

I would have interviewed about 3,000 people, in my long radio career. I would have had an opposite view to many of them on just about everything; but I made certain that I always spoke to them courteously.

Frank Bellet,
Petrie, Qld

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